Evan-Moor Smart Start Sight Words Review

Disclosure:  We received a complimentary copy of an Evan-Moor book.  Affiliate links may be included.


Do you have a preschool age child who is ready to start learning sight words?  Help them succeed with easy and fun activities from Evan-Moor with the Smart Start Sight Words for PreK.  This book has 18 weeks of activities to build your child’s reading vocabulary with 120 words, 18 stories to read aloud and 70 fun activities with stickers and audio.

Each weekly unit consists of five different activities.

  • Day 1 – Learn new words activities
  • Day 2 – Practice new words activities
  • Day 3 – Read naming words activities
  • Day 4 – Story
  • Day 5 – Word-list slider

For day 1 – work with your child to introduce the sight words and high-frequency words for the unit by pointing to the word, saying it and using it in a sentence.  Then, have your child read it and point to each letter.  Then, have your child write the word, spelling it as he goes.  For my little guy – he sometimes needs a break to get through all of these depending on how he is doing that day.

Day 2 –  Practice the new words with fun activities that vary from week to week.

Day 3 – Activities for this day include a picture dictionary where your children practice matching the word to the pictures.

Day 4 – Story day!  Yay!  You can read the story to your child or scan the QR code to hear the story read.  We like to read it more than once and point to the words as we go.

Day 5 – The word-list slider is fun for kids to feel the success as they learn the new words.  You could also start this on day 1 and practice it every day.

With a variety of activities – your child won’t be bored and will have fun learning with you.

Every five units, there is a review for the previous five units where children read a word list and color in the star for the words they can read.  You can cut these out and hang them up if you want.  There is also a sticker page in the back to encourage your child.  Order by August 14th to get 25% off site-wide with code BTS25


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