My first garden is a success

After taking the kids to the Farmer’s Market a few times a week over the last few years, I realized that we needed to have our own garden.  The kids are constantly asking for snacks, even as they are eating their meal.  I figured that if we grew our own food that I would never say no to, they could snack all they want!  I told John I wanted a garden last spring.  He said, if we are going to have a garden, we have to do it right.  Translation:  His way.  It didn’t happen last year and I was pretty bummed.  All winter long I told him that if he wanted it done a certain way, that he had to help me get it done or I was doing it by myself.  So we got it done and I have gotten things planted.  Not as much as I wanted, but it is my first time.  When I saw the first plants sprout, I got so excited!  Today I went out and with the kids help, we weeded the garden.  Now it looks great.  So far, we have green beans, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, snap peas and watermelon.  I think that is everything.  We also have tomatoes and peppers that aren’t outside yet.  I’m so stoked that my garden isn’t failing {yet, anyways}.

My Garden

And, I just couldn’t help but share this picture of the sky from earlier this evening.  It is so beautiful!


How many of you are growing gardens this year?  What are you growing?  Feel free to share your tips with me.

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