Five Reasons You Need a Ninja Coffee Bar System

I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker but John is.  He’s also good at wrecking coffee pots, it’s a weird gift that he has.  When I came across the Ninja Coffee Bar System, I knew he would love it and was excited when they sent me one to review.  The little extras really do make the start of your day go a little more smoothly.  Since he gets up pretty early when he’s working, anything to help his day go better is a must have.  Now he can get the coffee flowing quicker than ever and really be ready to meet the day.  I could make this into a big list but I’ll stop with just five reasons you need the Ninja Coffee Bar System.  {There may be affiliate links below.  Our family appreciates when you shop through them.}5 Reasons you need a Ninja Coffee Bar in your life.


1.  You know that feeling when you are waiting for something and even though it only takes a few minutes, it feels like it’s taking forever?  That’s what he is like while waiting for his coffee to brew.  That’s where this awesome feature I’m going to tell you about comes in.  What is this fancy feature you ask?  Drip stop.  Picture this.  You are staring down your coffee maker through groggy, sleep filled eyes.  You have just enough for a cup and don’t want to wait for it to finish brewing.  Slide the lever on over and it stops dripping.  Pour your cup, put the coffee pot back. slide the lever back and it finishes brewing.  Yay!  No more waiting.  Or, if you are the plan ahead type – the delay brew may be for you.

2.  Permanent filter.  You guys – I LOVE that this creates less waste.

I love the permanent filter for less waste. 3.  Versatility to choose your brew size.  Make a pot of coffee.  Or don’t.  Just need a cup?  Choose your size – cup, XL cup, travel and XL multi-serve.  Sounds perfect, right?!  The scoop that snaps onto the side of the coffee bar has scoop measurements for the perfect brew every time.

Choose your brew size with the Ninja Coffee Bar

4.  Get the coffeehouse experience in your own home with the built in hot and cold brother.

5.  Five brew types.  Classic, rich, over ice, cafe forte or specialty.  Create your own recipe or use one of the 20 recipes included.  I’d love to hear your favorite recipe, so be sure to share it in the comments.

I don't think he was nearly as entertained as I was when I gave him this for Christmas.

There are so many more reason that you need a Ninja coffee bar, but these are our top five.  It’s so easy to clean and use that you will have fresh, hot coffee in no time.  So get on your way to a beautiful, alert kind of day.


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