#Fluffy Xmas Sponsor Spotlight *Roxie Harlow*

#Fluffy Xmas Sponsor Spotlight *Roxie Harlow*

Well, Merry Fluffy Christmas has officially kicked off!  Here I am with a review for another one of our AMAZING sponsors!  Roxie Harlow.  
Roxie Harlow offers tons of great products!  Cloth diapers, embroidered onesies and t shirts, custom dresses, crochet hats, custom burp rags and more.
Roxie is a SAHM , Etsy shop owner, photographer and Nay wife…so, she is one busy lady!  She decided to cloth diaper when she was pregnant with her 3rd kid.  The thought of 2 in diapers was more than her pocketbook wanted to take.  She started her stash with some cheap-o diapers, but soon began drooling over the cuteness factor of some of the WAHM’s she saw on Etsy and Hyena cart.  Since she is kind of a DIYer, she decided to hit the sewing machine and make her own.  After failing a few times, she finally got the fabric combination that she liked.  Soon after making her own kids’ diapers, friends and friends of friends began asking for some.  She decided to add them to her Etsy shop, and that’s how she got here today!  
Plus, she is pregnant and due Christmas day!  How exciting!!!
Baby is due on Christmas Day! Ahh! And yes, the embroidered diapers are all minky outer, hidden PUL and micro-chamois inner.
I had so much fun looking through the diapers on Etsy to decide what to review.  I finally decided on an adorable “I smell trouble” skunk pocket diaper.  Guess what…it is adorable!

The diaper

This diaper is made from a white minky outer with “I SMELL TROUBLE” and a skunk embroidered on the butt.  The inside is made from micro-chamois with a hidden layer of PUL.  *Note:  the review is only on the diaper, not an insert*  There are 3 different rise settings to fit babies size 10-35 pounds Correction:  these fit rom 15-35 pounds.  There is a single row of snaps across the front of the diaper, and 2 snaps on one wing and 3 on the other.  There are also crossover snaps for those tiny waists.

The pocket opening on this diaper is plenty large – even daddy could stuff it!  I love that thechamois inside isn’t the normal white color.  This diaper has a brown  inner.  I’m not sure why, but I love having the inside of the diaper colored.  I like how the snaps are color coordinating and match the skunk! 
Because of the fleece and the minky outer, the elastic at the back and legs is really gentle on babies skin so you don’t have to worry about red marks.

The lowdown
John likes using this diaper because of the one simple row of snaps.  He loves how gentle and soft it is on both of the kids’ skin.  Both Maggie and Charlie are on the smallest setting on this diaper – Maggie is 22 pounds and 26 months, Charlie is 16 pounds and 5 months.  I have no doubts that this diaper will last through the high end of the weight range.

I did find that this diaper is a bit wide in between the legs.  It still fits fine, but it is wider than many of our diapers.  We were able to get a good fit on both of the kids with this diaper.  I feel like Charlie just fits in this diaper at 16 pounds.  This diaper has worked well for us on both of our little stinkers.

You can tell that a lot of care and time was put into making the diaper.  The design has a lot of stitching and it is done really well.  I am confident this will hold up over the years.  

Roxie is on maternity leave right now, and the shop is closed until January, but you should definitely check out her facebook album and see her custom diapers, fabric albums and so much more!
Visit her Etsy store.  
If you are looking for some great new (boy) prints, be sure to check these out! 
Which diaper is your favorite from the custom or fabrics album?  

Enter to win this diaper as part of Merry Fluffy Christmas

*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and based solely on my experience with the company and product.* 


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