#FluffyButtsHop The Teeny Turtle Spotlight and EcoPosh Recycled Organic One Size cloth Diaper Review

A giveaway you won’t want to miss!  A big thank you to our sponsor Beth at The Teeny Turtle.
 I was sent an EcoPosh Fitted Diaper to review and I was very excited!  I have been wanting to check out this diaper for quite awhile now.  But first…a bit about our wonderful sponsor.
The Teeny Turtle is a company based out of Charleston, South Carolina and owned by Beth, who is just fantastic!  Beth grew up with a marine biologist for a day, and since she was a daddy’s girl, they did a lot of “good for the environment” activities.  While she started using disposable diapers when her son was born, after having a rash for 4 straight months, she made the switch to cloth diapers and never looked back.
When her son turned 16 months old, she went back to work….hating every minute of it.  She started selling cloth diapers locally out of her home and was finally able to open the doors to the diaper service / retail store.  Baby #2 decided to join the fun a month before the store was due to open.  She began using cloth diapers immediately and haven’t used a disposable on him at all.  
To help encourage more families to make the switch, Beth offers Diaper Demos and parties.  If somebody isn’t able to make it into the store to check them out, she will schedule a time to go to their house and show them all of the different types of diapers.
The Teeny Turtle carries more than just cloth diapers.  They also carry Mama Cloth, Teething Necklaces, Baby Carriers and the many accessories you may want or need like detergent and rash cream.  Be sure to stop by and show her some love! 

The Eco Posh is made out of recycled water bottles, bamboo and organic cotton!  The diaper has 4 sizes of adjustability and will fit from birth through potty training.  This diaper also comes with the 6 r soaker like all Rumparooz, but the soakers that come with this diaper are made of bamboo and organic cotton.  The diaper is 10 layers thick.  This is a fitted diaper, and is not waterproof so it will require a cover.  The EcoPosh fits sizes 6-35 pounds and is available in 5 great colors:  Ginger, Love, Biscuit, Bamboo and Peace. 
The soakers snap together to create 6 different options for just the right absorbency.  


This diaper takes a bit of prep before using it for the first time.  It’s recommended to wash in hot water 5 times with no detergent and do a cold rinse.  It will reach it’s maximum absorbency after 10 washes.  

The newborn setting starts at 6 lbs
Small setting starts at 10 lbs
Medium setting starts at 15 lbs
Large setting (fully unsnapped) starts around 20 pounds and will fit up to 35-40 pounds. 

Pocket opening is stretchy

Our Experience with the Eco Posh Fitted
I can’t explain how excited I was to get this diaper.  I couldn’t wait to start using it.  We received the Peace color (the blue color shown above).  I love the color and the softness of this diaper.  We began our washing prep on this diaper right away.  
It says that the diaper starts around 20 pounds on the large setting, but the way our daughter is built, we are still on the medium setting and she weighs just under 21 pounds.  If we use this diaper during the day, we use it without a cover and just let her run around in the diaper.  I LOVE the dual gussets on this diaper.  A big plus for me, although I don’t think Maggie has tested them out on this diaper.  
The first thing I noticed with this diaper is that it takes a very long time to dry.  I would dry it with my other diapers, and then flip it inside out and hang it to dry the rest of the way.  Once it was dry though, we reached for it right away.  I have recently gotten somewhat addicted to fitted diapers, maybe because we are starting to potty train a little bit, but I love putting this diaper on her.  We also use the diaper at night with a cover.  The very first time she wore it, we left it on as long as possible to see how much it would hold before leaking.  She wore this diaper for at least 4 hours without a cover before we had a problem with it leaking.  I thought that was pretty good because Maggie drinks a ton during the day and pees very often so she gets changed very often.  This diaper lasted much longer than I expected it to.  
When we used it at night with a cover, we made it through the night without any problems using both inserts snapped together.  The only thing I noticed with this was that when both inserts are snapped together, they are a little difficult to stuff inside the pocket.  If you have daddy hands, you probably won’t be able to stuff the diaper.  I love how absorbent both of these inserts and the diaper feel…so soft!  

Overall, I was impressed with this diaper.  I do find it a bit bulky with both inserts, it holds up well.  We were able to get a snug fit every time and no red marks.  The biggest downfall of this diaper is the long drying time, but that doesn’t effect how well the diaper works.  At a price of $34.95, it is a bit more than any other diaper I own, but because of what it is made from, it is understandable.  I would love to have a few more of these in our stash.
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