For those affected by Superstorm Sandy

This is a message from Pish Posh Baby.   If you are in need of a new booster seat because yours was ruined in Superstorm Sandy, read on.  This is important.
All of us in the Tri-State area are still recovering from the horror and loss suffered in Super Storm Sandy. As I sit here and pen this email, I have visions of once beautiful homes and peaceful neighborhoods turned to scenes of havoc and chaos flashing before my eyes. Lives lost, homes destroyed and spirits broken.

We at PishPoshBaby, being located in the heart of the storm, certainly feel the pain and anguish of those affected and we want to do our part in helping the victims rebuild. 

Many peoples’ cars have either been entirely lost or severely ruined by the storm and as a result their Car Booster Seats need to be replaced. It is of utmost importance to replace these Booster seats immediately to ensure the safety of our children while driving.

Kindly respond to this email and if you unfortunately did have a booster seat lost or damaged in the storm we will provide you with a FREE booster seat for your car. 

These Boosters will only be available as long as supplies last, so if you are in need please respond immediately by sending an email to .

As we look toward the future and begin our rebuilding process, we at PishPoshBaby wish you and your families the best of luck and a Happy Holiday! 

Thank you,

Avi Levy


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