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I don’t know about you, but I love WAHM’s and I love supporting them!  I want to introduce you to Patty Pants Cloth Diapers.  
 Patty Pants is run by a mother – daughter team.  They got started back in December of 2011 after Kate’s son was born in October.  Kate, a mother to one, decided she wanted to use cloth diapers but was overwhelmed with all of the options out there.  After testing nearly every type of commercial brand, she began testing her own designs on her son to see what worked and what didn’t.  If your diaper order ships from Virginia, you will know Kate made them.  
Patty is the mother of the the mother – daughter team.  She is mom to 3 and grandmother to 1.  She was really excited by Kate’s decision to use cloth, so she started researching and trying to sew different things for her.  Patty is the woman behind your covers, fitteds, and flats!  She wanted to create sustainable diapering products for you and baby.  If your order ships from Michigan, those are Patty’s handiwork. 
Patty Pants Cloth Diapers provide a safe, natural and environmentally friendly alternative for diapering your baby.  They are free of harsh chemicals and won’t waste away in a landfill.

I received 2 newborn bamboo fitted diapers with 2 inserts – Mini-Patties, 4 newborn Patty flats and 2 diaper covers.  I felt so special when I opened the package.  The diapers are wrapped so beautifully and have the Patty Pants label. 
The first thing I was struck by was how adorable the prints are!  They showed up in the mail the day I went into labor – that is how excited I was about them!  
The Mini – Patties are made of soft bamboo velour on the inside, and the outside is a woven cotton.  Each Mini Pattie comes with a snap – in insert.  The insert is made up of multiple layers of bamboo and topped with bamboo velour.The insert also has a fleece bottom if you wish to switch it around for a stay dry feel – a great option for nighttime!  I love bamboo and wish that all of my diapers were made of it.  Bamboo is very absorbent, soft to the touch, and it seems to really help us keep rashes at bay, especially with Charlie who has really sensitive skin.

Snap down for the umbilical cord

When I first started using cloth diapers, I couldn’t understand why you would want to buy fitted diapers – besides the fact that they are super cute.  They cost more because you needed a cover as well.  Then it happened.  Baby  #2 arrived – my little Charlie man.  He peed through everything!  He also slept 6 or 7 hours straight at night – or tried to anyways.  Nothing would contain the pee!  I was so glad I had approached Kate from Patty Pants beforehand and that she had agreed to a review.  These diapers are lifesavers!  The absolute only thing that can survive that boy at night.  Now…I’m on a mission to stock up on fitted diapers so I don’t have to wake up in a pee soaked bed at night.  The Mini Patties were the ONLY diapers that worked for us throughout the night. We have used other fitted diapers, but they still leaked before the night was over.  I am positive that we could last even longer in this diaper by using both inserts, but we didn’t need them both at once, so we didn’t try them.  There is a second snap on one of the inserts so you can snap them both together.  The inserts are fairly thick, so it would get pretty bulky with both, but I can’t imagine needing them both on a newborn.

With both inserts
With one insert
Tight stitching and gentle on his little legs.

The fit with the Mini Patties has been perfect since day 1 !.  That made me wonder just how long they would fit, but he is now weighing in at 13 lbs 1.8 ounces and they still fit – very tightly though, so we have had to stop using them.  I was happy that while they fit perfectly, they left no red marks.  He is pretty chunky but we are only in the middle of the size options for the waist.  The Mini Patties also feature a snap down for the umbilical cord.  I also love that you can tuck the bottom of the inserts into the pocket at the front of the diaper so you don’t have to worry about it sticking out and wicking.  I love that while many of my other diapers get the funky smell after awhile, these haven’t.  We have used our two Mini Patties fitted diapers every single night for over 2 months and they have held up fantastic. Any stains that don’t wash out have sunned out very well for us.

I will admit, I was nervous about the Patty Flats.  I don’t use flats very often, but was ready to give these a shot.  They are different than most flats in the shape that they are made.  I love the T shape – it is much less intimidating than using the other prefolds and flats that I have.  The outside is made of a soft flannel and the inner core is made of layers of an absorbent soy / cotton blend and topped with extra absorbent and stay – dry fleece.  The fold down rise allows for easy adjusting to get the perfect fit.  The seams across the rise make them easy enough for daddy to use and adjust, yet very absorbent.  You can use a Snappi or Boingo fastener to hold the wings in place.  We misplaced our Snappi for awhile, but were able to use the Patty Flats by just folding them in and placing the cover over them.  I love using these flats during the day, especially if we are out and about since they don’t take up much space in the diaper bag.  Putting them on is quick and easy.  Having 2 in diapers, I love that these don’t take up much space because I don’t like taking a huge wetbag out when we are gone for the day.  The Patty Flats are super soft and wash up easily.  At 13 lbs 1.8 ounces, he still has almost a whole section to grow before these don’t fit anymore.  When he was born, we used them and got a good fit by folding down the rise and the front section.  I love the Patty Flats more than other flats I have used so far.  While they are pretty absorbent, one flat is not enough to make it through the night with my heavy wetting little Charlie man.  I can still use them by putting in a booster or a cloth wipe to get through the night.  Plus, I like the idea of having cute patterned flats instead of boring ones!

 If you are interested in a green, earth friendly way to diaper your baby, Patty Pants is the product you are looking for.  My Patty Pants diapers are among my favorite diapers – especially the Mini Patties – and I am sad he has outgrown them.

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