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I hope you are having as much fun as I am with this event!  I had the opportunity to work with some amazing sponsors and this one is no different!  As you may know, I am a Smartipants blogger and love their diapers, so I was really excited to get the chance to review one of their newborn diapers – the Little Smarti.  You can read my Smartipants one size diaper review here.

Smartipants was the vision of a mommy of four who was constantly looking for an economical, yet easy to use cloth diapering system. She actually was the inventor of the first ever one size fits all pocket diaper called Wonderoos, maybe you have heard of them? She has since left Wonderoos and joined the Smartipants team and we are extremely happy she did!
As a company Smartipants is committed to making cloth diapering not only easy, but affordable. Our mission is to provide smart parents with smart solutions. We are dedicated to being 100% green, environmentally friendly, economical, and determined to keep our diapers proudly made by mothers in the United States of America!
We have a facility with over 7 years of diaper making experience and look forward to changing the world one smart parent at a time.

 The Little Smarti offers total convenience for new parents.  With the easy velcro closure and gentle elastic at the back and legs, this diaper will contain the messiest of messes and prevent leaks.  The Little Smarti is an all in one diaper with an enclosed microfiber pad offering great absorbency.  This diaper is designed to fit from day one – fitting from 5-12 pounds. Made from breathable fibers, the Little Smarti is free from any chemicals or irritants.  I also like that they print care and warranty information on the tag so even if you are new and have never used cloth before, the information is right at your fingertips.

 So what did we think of our Little Smarti newborn diaper?  Well, just remember…real men wear pink – haha.  We had the choice and I was fine with whatever, we didn’t know what we were going to have.  Turns out, the little dude looks great in pink!

Most of our newborn diapers have snaps, this was one of only a few that was velcro.  Now, most babies get changed multiple times at night, and this guy was no exception so I loved having a few velcro diapers to speed up the process a little. 

Charlie man was 8 lbs 6.6 ounces at birth, and this diaper fit him wonderfully right away. The leg openings get very small to fit those newborn bird legs securely.  The velcro has the ability to crossover and velcro to the other tab to fit teeny tiny waists.  There are also convenient laundry tabs so you don’t end up with a chain of diapers.  They work great – as long as you remember to use them.  We got a lot of use our of our Little Smarti because it is sized to fit up to 12 pounds, longer than many of our other diapers.  Charlie man is now 13 pounds and can still fit in the diaper, but we don’t use it because it is quite tight on him.  I love that it lasts a little longer so we can get more use out of it.

I wouldn’t mind if it had a snap down for the umbilical cord like many of our diapers, but since both my children’s cord stumps fell off in less than a week, it hasn’t been an issue for us.  I did notice that if he soaks the diaper if he isn’t changed soon after, there were a few times where it leaked through the tag on the back.  Now, I generally change him very often, so it isn’t usually an issue, but when it wasn’t possible to get him changed soon after he wet it, it would wick through the tag.  I also wish there were more color choices, right now you can choose from pink, blue, and white.  I would love to have one in every color that Smartipants offers! 

I hope you head over to Smartipants and check out their newborn diapers or some of the other great products they carry like one size diapers, wet bags, pail liners or extra sleeve inserts.

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