#FromBellyToBaby *Sprout Cream Review*

To be honest with you, when I decided to use cloth diapers, it had nothing to do with going green.  I thought it would save us money and that was it.  Then I got addicted to cloth diapers.  Well, that led to other things, like cloth wipes, and in general, more earth friendly changes.  Because of that, I have developed a love for small businesses that aim to create a better future for our children.  When I discovered the Willow Store and Catherine, I knew I wanted to know more.

“We cannot continue to treat our planet as though it is single use. We must care for our planet, preserving it for our children.” – From the website, but a statement that should ring true in our heads as we go about our day. 

In 2005, Catherine, founder and mom, began The Willow Store to share her dedication and respect for our earth, our children, and our reusable future.  All of the products are ethically manufactured in the US using only the highest quality materials, and organic materials whenever possible – sourced in the US if possible.

I was given the opportunity to review the Sprout Cream.  Maggie almost never had any diaper rashes, and if she did, they went away quickly.  Charlie is a different story.  He seems to constantly have a rash and I can’t figure out just why.  Since he was born, I have been trying to find the answer, so I was happy to have the chance to try out a new diaper rash cream.

Sprout Cream is an all over ointment that works to heal and prevent diaper rash.  Sprout Cream uses a unique formula that makes it hard for bacteria to live, but is gentle on delicate skin and promotes the body’s natural healing process as well as reducing the potential for new diaper rash to start.  It is made with food – grade ingredients to keep it safe for baby’s skin. 

You know a product is good when there is a short list of ingredients.  Sprout Cream is made with:

Vegetable Glycerine
Cetearyl Glucoside/Phosphatidyl Choline
Silver Oxide and a dash of kindness

I especially love that last ingredient.

For us, any diaper cream has to be cloth diaper friendly.  Sprout Cream meets that requirement, so we will use it.  I love the convenient 2 ounce size container.  It fits so well in the diaper bag and takes up almost no space at all.  The first thing I noticed was that the texture of this cream is very different than any other cream I have used.  The best I can do is share a picture of it because I can’t figure out how to describe the consistency of it.  I did like that when I used it, it wasn’t greasy.  It felt thicker than I expected when I touched it.  While the Sprout Cream didn’t get rid of his rash, it did make it much better than it was.  

I like that the Sprout Cream is great for other skin irritations.  Charlie has his daddys skin, and it gets irritated and red and rashy quite often.  It’s nice that I can apply some Sprout Cream and not worry about it being all greasy and getting on his clothes.  Overall, we like our Sprout Cream and keep it in our diaper bag.  A big thank you to Catherine for allowing us the opportunity to try out a great product!  

You can also purchase natural living, natural laundry, natural feminine products and natural child products.  

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Does your little one get rashes?  Are you looking for a new solution for those rashes?

*I received this product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are mine and not influenced by anything other than our experiences with the Sprout Cream*  


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