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2 months ago when I brought Charlie home, it was very apparent that he loves to be warm and snuggly.  While he loves being snuggled in a big soft blanket, I can’ very well let him sleep with it.  Too much blanket for the little man isn’t safe.  What we needed were swaddling blankets, but it’s the dead of summer and it is hot!  Swaddle Designs was kind enough to send us a set of 3 Swaddle Lite blankets.  
SwaddleDesigns was founded in 2002 by Lynette Damir, RN, desgner and mom of 2.  Her goal was to help new parents calm and comfort their babies so everyone could get more sleep.  SwaddleDesigns was the first company to introduce the large square swaddling blanket to the US and many other countries.  SwaddleDesigns uses premium quality fabric, fabulous colors and prints, and the innovative 123 Swaddle instructional label that makes using them a breeze.  
We received the Jewel Tone Turquoise but you should check out the other great color options.
Swaddle Lite is a set of 3 marquisette blankets.  If you are like me -what is marquisette- comes to mind quickly.  Well, Cotton marquisette is very lightweight with an open weave to improve air flow.  This makes them the ideal swaddle blanket for warmer temperatures.  They are very breathable and lightweight and did I mention soft? 

When Maggie was born, we used receiving blankets to swaddle her and I quickly tired of it.  She busted out of them right away.  They just weren’t big enough.  That is another feature I love about the Swaddle Lite blankets – they are quite large – 46″ x 46″ (118 cm x 118 cm).  The size makes them great for swaddling, or for Maggie to cover up with or wrap up in, or for me.  I get chilly in the air conditioning and want to cover my legs.  These blankets are perfect for that! 
Charlie is my little swaddle buddy.  When he gets tired, he will try to sleep but end up fussy and awake.  He doesn’t like his arms swaddled though, just his body and legs, but once I swaddle him, he is asleep in minutes!  And, because he loves mommy sooooo much – he stays asleep for 6 or 7 hours straight at night and wakes up still swaddled and not too hot! Swaddling your baby with Swaddle Lite blankets is very easy – take a look at this instructional video on how to swaddle for safe swaddling tips and instructions. 

Lay baby on blanket

Wrap one side

Fold up bottom

Wrap other side.  
Even mad at me he stays wrapped up!

Did I mention I LOVE the prints?!

The Swaddle Lite blankets are good for so many other things too!  We use ours a ton to cover up Charlie when we are outside playing in the hot sun.  I love it because I can protect him from the sun (and wind) but he doesn’t get too warm – a big bonus since we have had such a hot summer.  We also use it for a nursing cover once in awhile when he needs the privacy to stay focused.  We have use it as a sunshade over his car seat at my nephews soccer game, it has been a changing pad, play mat, spit up rag and I believe we used it for a towel after his bath one day because I couldn’t find a clean towel.  We use our Swaddle Lite blankets every day for one thing or another.  I always keep one in the car to keep him warm in the car when the a / c is on.

Wrap me up mommy!

Trying to “straighten” it out

Peek a boo anyone?
I can honestly say I don’t know how we would have made it through this summer without our SwaddleLite blankets.  Not only have they been great with Charlie as a newborn, but they will continue getting a ton of use in the coming years. 

You can also pick up a Happiest Baby Bundle which includes a combination with your choice of Swaddle blankets and Dr. Karp Happiest Baby White Noice CD.   3 of the sounds on the White Noise CD were specially engineered to calm a fussy baby and 3 of the sounds were designed to help a baby sleep more soundly and longer.  By purchasing this bundle, moms save money, and everybody gets more sleep.

Looking for a warmer swaddle blanket?  They’ve got them too!  With a variety of different fabric options, you are sure to find what you are looking for.  
A Disney line, Personalized products, Wearable Blankets, Burp Cloths, Stroller Blankets, Crib Sheets and much, much more! 
Are you convinced yet that you have to have these blankets ?
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Which blankets would you choose?  What else would you use these awesome blankets for?  

*Disclosure:  I received no monetary compensation for this review, however, I did receive the Swaddle Lite blankets free of charge for the purpose of this review.  All opinions and thoughts and mine and are not influenced in any way*



  • I love their swaddle blankets. We received a few for shower gifts. They’re wonderful for a sun shield when my daughter’s in the car seat on the stroller!

  • My favorite out if what I saw on their website is the marquisette blanket. After the swaddling period receiving blankets make excellent cloth diapers. They’re very absorbent when paired with the right cover.

  • I love their hooded towels- they’re so dang cute! Plus they look really soft. I’d probably use these swaddle blankets for playtime on the grass or a fun little outdoor photo shoot!

  • I love the *BRAND NEW* SwaddleDesigns – Cute & Calm SwaddleLite – SeaCrystal (Set of 3) and these blankets would be for baby #2 but my 2 year old would love to use these light weight blankets as a top to his forts that we like to build with couch cushions! 🙂

  • I love the Angry Birds Marquisette Swaddling Blanket! I have a swaddle blanket(a different brand) and I use it for everything! Swaddle, burp rag, carseat cover and they are so big I use it to cover my legs when I am nursing!

  • I think I like the Modern SwaddleLite – Kiwi. We have used our blankets for swaddling, as a nursing cover, stroller cover, and it makes a perfect baby doll blanket, of course 😉

  • My favorite are the Cute & Calm SwaddleLite – Lavender (Set of 3)I love the color and prints in this set. We have used similar blankets as stroller and bassinet covers they are an excellent way to keep bugs out when baby is napping outside

  • I like the SwaddleDesigns – Cute & Calm SwaddleLite – SeaCrystal (Set of 3); I usually use a blanket to swaddle at night then use it as a burp cloth the next day (since my little guy sweats a little at night it’s a one time use kinda thing) then into the wash it goes.

  • I actually have the set that you reviewed on. I purchased it a few weeks ago. I would like to have a lot more from this site, just too cute. I am going to keep getting these for my friends expecting babies.

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