#FromBellyToBaby *Water Wrap Carriers Review*

#FromBellyToBaby *Water Wrap Carriers Review*

I know about the many benefits of babywearing, but man I am already hot!  How can I wear my little man without dying from the heat?  Living in Minnesota, it has been a HOT summer!  I wanted to be able to wear my new little guy, but I was already so hot!  Adding a layer of cloth didn’t sound like fun at all, he is such a little hot box too, I didn’t want either of us to be miserable. Plus, I wanted to be able to go to the beach or pool with my 20 month old daughter, but I needed to have free hands to do that.   So when I talked with Diane at Water Wrap Carriers about a review and she agreed, I was ecstatic!!! 
The more I learned, the more fascinated I was by Diane.  She is a mom to 4 kiddos in southern Texas.  She has been babywearing since her first was born in 2000.  She learned more about babywearing as the years went on, and in 2009 when her 4th baby was 2 months old, she realized the NEED for something to wear in the water. 
What I find fascinating, is they unschool.  I haven’t heard of this before, or maybe I have and don’t remember.  Along with her husband and four children, they have 2 dogs, 6 cats, 2 rabbits, a flock of chickens and 5goats they share with their inlaws.   Read more about Diane on the website.

Water Wrap Carriers are made from 100 % polyester jersey offering just the right amount of stretch and breathability.  The water wrap carrier is lightweight and comfortable to wear in the water.   Plus, it dries fast because of the jersey like material.  There are no buckles, snaps, or neoprene.  Just a long piece of comfortable, lightweight cloth with tapered ends.  They are 15 ft in length and 20 inches at the center.  These wraps are shorter than standard wraps to minimize the amount of fabric covering you and baby. 
Water wrap carriers are available in 3 different sizes:  One size fits most, XL, and petite.  They are available in 8 different colors and each wrap comes with a full color instructional booklet.  We received the Carribean Blue and absolutely LOVE the color.  It’s a bright, fun color and makes me think of the water each time I look at it.  The material has a silky like feel to it, so it is definitely comfortable. 
The wrap can be used from 8 lbs to approximately 30 lbs.  Because of the nature of the material, they do not include sun protection. 
Please visit Babywearing International for safe babywearing information.
Although the wraps themselves are not eco friendly, because of Diane’s love for our earth, they are working on a more eco friendly option for the wrap. 
The water wrap carrier has a 2 way stretch, and can be used in multiple carry positions, although only the tummy to tummy carry is recommended in the water.  Because of the slippery feel of the material, and the width of the material, it is not suitable for a back carry.
Because of the risk of asphyxiation, breastfeeding in the wrap is not recommended.  Find out more on their FAQ page. 
The fabric of the wrap is made in China, but the wraps themselves are made in the USA!

Maggie was 20 months old when Charlie man was born.  Last summer, she didn’t really care to play in the water too much.  This summer though, is another story.  Great for her, tough on mommy.  I couldn’t take her to the beach or pool unless somebody else was with me because I needed to be able to take care of Charlie and still be in the water with her.  The first time we used our Water Wrap Carrier, we were at my cousins pool.  I was so excited to try it out with Charlie, but he had other plans and slept the entire time in his car seat!  So, we had to try it out with Maggie.  Since the entire pool is too deep for her, I wrapped her around me and in we went.  She thought it was awesome!  She could explore and still be right with mommy.  This lasted for a little while, then she had to get out of the wrap and explore on her own – so exciting!  

I love the way the water wrap holds her snugly against me both in and out of the water.  

One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to lose the baby weight, so we go for walks every day.  It is so very, very hot out, so I was glad to give this wrap a shot to see if it really was cooler than some of my other wraps.  I wrapped Charlie around me, pushed Maggie and off we went.  Since he is always hot too, we both are usually sweating.  Now, it was 100 degrees for many straight days,so we were still sweating, but the water wrap carrier was much more lightweight and breathable.  Charlie enjoys it that he can be tucked up against me and not overheated.  We still can’t stay out in the heat too long at a time, but the wrap was fantastic for us to have.  I can even wrap him up and wear him while I am playing bean bag toss with the family and get a little air to his little body.  

Even leaning forward, he stays snug against me

 As I was using this out on the boat, a thought crossed my mind.  I am the type of mom who thinks of everything that could possibly go wrong, and so when I go out on the boat with him, I worry because life jackets are too big for him still.  I don’t know about everywhere, but I know in Minnesota, the law doesn’t require a life jacket on an infant until they are 6 months old because they don’t fit properly.  I am fairly certain Wisconsin is the same, since that is where these were taken and a life jacket doesn’t fit him.  Earlier that day, I had him out in the boat in a sling, which worked well, but when I put him in the wrap, I was much more confident that he was safe when I was getting in or out of the boat, and the entire time we were on it.  I kept thinking, if something happened, I could keep him afloat and be sure that he didn’t fall away from me.  I wasn’t the only one thinking that, my family made that comment as well.  This wrap worked so wonderful for Charlie and his almost 3 hour nap on the lake. Because of this, I fell completely in love with this.  We are not cooking to death, yet I know he is safe and snug with me.

I was always leary about wearing wraps.  When my daughter was born, I got a moby, and she screamed almost every time we used it.  In her defense, all the girl ever wanted to do was to eat!  Since having Charlie, I have become more comfortable with them.  I found the water wrap carrier to be easy to use.  It is shorter than the other wraps I use, so I have to tie it in back of me instead of in front.   That being said, my daughter is 22 pounds – so, close to the maximum recommended weight of 30 pounds.  We still have plenty of material left after tying the wrap on, so I am confident that it will last us to 30 pounds. 
After only a few times using our water wrap carrier, I was able to get it adjusted just right on the first try.  The brochure that came with our wrap shows detailed, easy to follow pictures to tie the wrap correctly.  These pictures make it possible for somebody who has never used one to figure out how to wear their baby in a wrap in just a few minutes. 
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Diane has also decided to give one of you lucky readers a chance to win one!  Yay!  Be sure to sign up to receive my mumblings in your inbox so you don’t miss the giveaway (or any of my other coolness). 
Are you a babwearing mama (or daddy)?  Have you ever used a water wrap carrier before?  What did you think?  What is your favorite type of wrap or baby carrier?

*While I wore my baby in this on the boat, please remember – this wrap is not an appropriate restraint for riding in any vehicle, including a boat. Please use proper equipment including a car seat in a car & a personal floatation device made for babies small children in a boat.*

*I received this Water Wrap Carrier free of charge for the purpose of this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are 100 % mine.  Thank you Diane!*


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