Games to Play with your Kids 2

We happened to stop at Target the other day and I just had to go through the dollar spot.  They had some fun halloween craft stuff that I picked up.  Maggie just happened to grab it and want to play with it, so I made her a little game.

All you need is construction paper, scissors or a punch, glue, pom poms.

Use the scissors or square punch to cut out squares.  Glue them onto paper in a pattern – or randomly.

Place pom poms on matching colored squares.
I like this because it teaches your little ones colors, sizes, matching and patterns.  I love it because it took about 5 minutes to make and we can play so many different games with it.  The entire project cost less than $2 to make.  The pom poms come in 3 different sizes for more learning fun.  We can play it together now because Maggie is still pretty young, but as she learns more, she can do it herself, name the colors, say the patterns and learn to anticipate what comes next.


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