Gift Idea for Mom: Pretty Mommies Skincare Review

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I’ve had the chance to review the Pretty Mommies skincare line in the past and I fell instantly in love.  I’ve never had horrible skin but I’ve never had amazing skin either.  I starting using Pretty Mommies when Charlie was a baby and loved knowing that while I’d always cut out a lot of products because of things like the chemicals in them, this was a product I could use chemical free.  Fast forward a few years and I was pregnant with baby Henry.  I remember one day when I was spending the day with my family.  I cannot remember exactly what was going on but my cousin’s hand rubbed up against my face.  She just stopped what she was doing and rubbed my cheek again, commenting on how soft and smooth my skin felt.

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I couldn’t help myself.  I stopped too.  Yep, it really was that smooth and soft.  We started talking about how I got my skin to feel so amazing.  As I was telling her about Pretty Mommies skincare and how much better my skin looked and felt, we started talking about one of her kids.  He had a lot of acne and nothing else had been working.  While it was hard for me to part with it, I was excited to see how much of a difference it made for his skin.  The results were great but I wasn’t able to get any pictures to share with you.


Now here we are, I’ve had another baby and am now breastfeeding.  For awhile there, I forgot the part about caring for yourself.  I had run out of Pretty Mommies and kept forgetting to order more.  As luck would have it though, I received a complete set of skincare products for review and I am really excited to share the products with you.


Pretty Mommies is a complete line of skincare products especially designed for pregnant and breastfeeding moms but can work great for anybody.  There are three different products.  When used together, your skin can be clear, bright and protected.

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The first product is the Let’s Be Clear facial cleanser.  While it can be used as a stand alone product, you will achieve the best results when using it as part of the entire system.  I love how clean my skin feels after washing with the Let’s Be Clear facial cleanser.  My favorite part about it though has to be the amazing scent.  The subtle orange scent triggers my happy face both morning and night.


The second product in the skincare line is the Truth Be Told skin enhancer.  Truth Be Told has high levels of antioxidants and anti-aging properties.  It will penetrate deep into your skin, helping to brighten, hydrate and reduce inflammation.  It’s able to reduce acne and blemishes because of the natural anti-bacterial ingredients.  This is the step that leaves your skin looking bright, radiant and beautiful every time.  I am telling you, within 3 days of using Pretty Mommies again my skin looked amazing.  I felt beautiful again.


The third and final step of the Pretty Mommies skincare line is the Protect & Reflect SPF 30 Sunscreen.  I don’t know about you, but I use to be terrible about putting sunscreen on my face.  I always remember to fully sunscreen the kids.  I usually remember to sunscreen me, but I almost never remembered to sunscreen my face.  That has changed thanks to Pretty Mommies.  This skincare system has become a part of my daily routine, now remembering to use sunscreen on my face is an easy thing to remember.  It’s made with pure, non-nano 22.5% zinc oxide, this sunscreen gives you superior broad spectrum sun protection and reflects harmful UVA/UVB rays.  The zinc serves another purpose as well.  because it is a natural mineral, it softly fills in fine lines, wrinkles and pores without clogging them.  If you have stubborn acne spots, use Protect & Reflect as a spot treatment at bedtime.

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Not only does the Pretty Mommies skincare line work great but I can actually feel good about putting it on my face.  With no chemicals, it is a safe, all natural and effective skincare line that I can feel good about.  As the #1 physician recommended maternity skincare line, you can feel good about it too.


If you are searching for a Christmas gift or all natural skincare product that the special woman in your life would love, Pretty Mommies is  here to love, clean and protect your skin.


Have you used Pretty Mommies skincare before?  What is your favorite thing about it?  If you haven’t used it before, what is holding you back?




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