You and Me Go Fishing in the Living Room….

I can only assume that your kids entertain you as much as mine entertain me.  The other day, I was watching as they climbed up on the couch and started fishing.  Charlie had Maggie’s fishing pole.  All of a sudden, he starts cheering, fishy, fishy.  I said, oh, you caught a fish!  How exciting.


Then he starts yelling wa-ye wa-ye.  It took all of my self control to not bust out laughing because I didn’t know until that moment that he knew the word Walleye except to repeat us in the boat.  He was so proud that he caught a walleye in the living room.

Catching Walleye

I’m so thrilled that they have the love for fishing that John and I both have.  In the summer, you can find us out in the boat hoping for a good day fishing.


  • That is so cute. It is great when they use their imagination. You also never know what they will say and where they heard it before. Thank you for sharing

    • Their imaginations always surprise me. This morning, they took the cushions off of the couch to use as a boat for fishing. And the princess zip up tin was the tackle box and tinker toys stuck together were the fishing poles. Can you tell we like to fish?

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