A Growing Faith + some fun toddler prayers {+Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linky}

Our faith has always been important to us, and it was a no brainer that we would begin teaching our children about it from the start.  Since I use to work in a church teaching, I already had some ideas in mind.  During Charlie’s baptism class, they asked how we would incorporate our faith in our children’s lives and that led to some fun ideas.

Making Faith Fun, Toddler Prayers

As soon as the Maggie and Charlie started sitting in a high chair or at the table, we have always prayed, regardless of whether we are eating at home, a restaurant or somebody else’s house.  I remember how proud I was when both of them first started to fold their hands.  I remember my excitement when Maggie started saying Amen.  And then my pure joy when she began saying the prayers herself.


We began by saying some singing toddler prayers that I learned from when I use to teach. They are fun for the kids and make it more exciting to them.  Then, as she got older, we started praying things like, Thank you God for….. and let her finish.  Now, at almost 3 years old, her prayers are almost like a recap of her day, the good and bad.  She is learning to ask God to help people feel better and to thank God for the things that she is grateful for.  She is ALWAYS grateful for the animals.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

Tuesday's Toddler Tales Superman prayerTuesday's Toddler Tales Johnny Appleseed PrayerTuesday's Toddler Tales Scooby Doo prayerTuesday's Toddler Tales Thank You Father prayer


We try to reinforce the concept in our daily activities.  When she is having a tough day, we will talk about how God likes it when she is nice to her brother, or me, or her friends, or how it makes God said when she hits Charlie.  We read a ton, and we must have about 10 kids bibles.  The one she got at her baptism is her very favorite and we read it a ton.

Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Each week we are linking up for Tuesday’s Toddler Tales.  This week’s topic is about Toddler Faith.  Next week we will be sharing our fun toddler car conversations.  Link up any old or new post.


What are some ways you teach your children about faith?


  • These are great! I try to pray with my 2 toddlers at meals as well (although I often forget) …my husband is SO good about it though. These are so catchy I have a feeling my boys will start reminding me to pray!

  • Thanks for the great ideas, I have been looking for some prayers for my daughter. She loves to sing, so these will be fun for her and help her remember them at the same time!

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