Happy 4th Birthday to my Favorite Princess

My gorgeous, sweet, smart, sassy and very talkative little girl just turned 4 last week.  I cannot believe she is 4!  She had a fun birthday, and was making me laugh all day.  She kept wondering why her friends were not at her house for the party.  The fact that we already had her party wasn’t clicking for her.  We stopped at a friends house to play and she had lots of fun there.  We also went to Dairy Queen and she got to pick out her favorite cake.  We probably would have made one, but since they had spent a lot of time sick lately, we figured that wasn’t the best idea already.

Maggie's 4th Birthday Picture

Happy birthday my sweet princess Maggie.  I love you so much!  From your world of make believe to your unending need to learn something new, you amaze me every single day!  I get so excited at your love for books and learning.  It reminds me so much of myself and I love to see that part of me in you.  You have such a kind, generous heart and really think about other people a lot.  You will be the first person to call me out when I am saying the wrong thing to you or Charlie and, while it may make me crazy, I am so proud that you know when I need help to do the right thing.  It means you know what the right thing is too. You have the sweetest heart and I am so excited for this next year of adventures with you.


I love you.


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