Have you heard? I have a 1 year old {tear}

I can’t believe a year has gone by already.  This handsome little fellow of mine is a 1 year old now.  My sweet boy, you are a very busy, curious little guy.  You are determined to figure out how things work and taste.  I love watching you as you figure out how to get into something.  Now…..you can reach to climb up on the kitchen chairs and the end tables…eeek!  I already have trouble keeping up with you.

Happy Birthday Charlie

You would stay outside all day long if you had your way, you love it so much.  You really love the water.  You stick your whole face in and drink or blow bubbles.  It is hilarious to watch.  You think it is pretty funny when we hold onto your arms and swing you in the water.  You don’t say many words yet, but I bet they are coming!  Finally, you are starting to read some books with me.



You didn’t care much at all about your presents.  Instead, once you found an empty gift bag, you took it, put a few toys in it, and took off to play.  I expected nothing less!  Have I mentioned how much you love the dogs now?  You see them and say da – your word for doggy.  Then, you take off running, yes, running after them.  You love to pet them, although you have more of a slap than a pet.  We are working on that.

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You have learned how to use your silverware AND drink from a cup all within the last few weeks.  I am very impressed, I wasn’t expecting the cup thing for awhile.  Although, you still have a tendency to just dump it out.  You sometimes discard the silverware and dig in with your hands….then, rub it all over your face.  Fun times!


You follow directions fairly well when you want to.  You love to help clean up toys.  Containers are your friend and you like to carry around cups and put toys into them.  You are very silly and when you are really thirsty, instead of nursing or drinking from your cup, you go to the dogs dish and stick your whole face in to take a drink.  It is so gross and I really do my best not to let it happen, but every so often you manage to sneak a drink when I forget to put the water dish up.


You are such a mama’s boy.  You hate when I leave the room.  Ever since you were born, you got a little upset and clingy when we were around larger groups of people.  After a few days of it, you start to warm up to them.  You do the funniest thing ever though.  I wanted to get ready for bed the other night at the cabin and you were awake.  I wanted you to go to grandma for a few minutes and when she was standing near us talking, you wouldn’t make eye contact with her no matter what.  You averted your eyes and looked down.  I was cracking up.  It was like you were afraid if you made eye contact that she would think it was okay to hold you.  I love that you love me so much and I will cherish every moment because I know that it won’t last long.


I still cannot believe my handsome little prince, that you are already 1 year old.  Will you please, pretty please quit growing up so fast!  I love you so very much and I love you more every single day.  You make my heart so happy with your great big grins and your giggles every time you see your sister.  The giant slobbery kisses you give me are some of my very favorite things.  Thank you for being such an amazing little boy and bringing so much joy to my life.  I love you more than words can ever say.

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