YOU GUYS!!! Yes I’m yelling but this is awesome and I have to share. We reviewed a few different art programs last year. Some were a big hit and some – not so much. This one was an absolute favorite and my kids ask to do this regularly. If you don’t remember what HIGASFY is – check out my blog post about it. It is so awesome. Captivating stories and fun. All three of the kids sit and listen, laugh, etc.. So check out the sale –

HiGASFY Art History Video Series is running a special.  We have our DVDs and Flash Drives on sale at 50% off.  Normally $150 per series is now just $75 while supplies last.  We have also produced a new mini series that is free on youtube.  It is called “I Am A Masterpiece”.  Each Monday Mrs. Beth tells a story about a famous artist.  Tuesday-Friday suggested art activity are presented corresponding to the video.  It is becoming quite popular during this “shelter in place” time.  Check us out on HiGASFY’s youtube channel and enjoy.

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