Holiday Gift Guide: Balm! Baby Review

I am always on the hunt for more natural products, both for the kids and for myself.  Years ago, I heard what the average amount of chemicals a person uses daily was and I was blown away.  While I knew my number wouldn’t be quite as high since I almost never wear makeup, I still know that between my skincare, shower, deodorant and everything else that is part of a daily routine, I still was using way too many chemical containing products.  When Maggie was born I really started looking for more natural options.  I discovered Balm! Baby and was thrilled with the products I reviewed then.  Even now, the hand sanitizer is one of my favorites.  This time, when Balm! Baby agreed to provide us products for review as part of the holiday gift guide, I wanted to try some things for myself.

You will want to try this affordable 3 step skincare product.

I have found a natural skincare product that I love but I wanted to try something else and see what I thought.  I decided to get the Island Botanicals Facial Set with the Hawaiian Facial Wash, Hawaiian Toner and Hawaiian Moisturizer. Looking for an all natural skincare product?  All natural facial toner.Finally - a moisturizer that is all natural.   This 3 step facial skincare set is made with all natural ingredients and leaves your skin feeling amazing.  I’m a sucker for hawaiian scents so this set is a winner for me.

Discover an all natural way to leave your skin feeling incredibly soft .

The next thing I received was the Mama’s Kona Coffee MINT BUTTER.  While the whipped texture is different than anything else I have used in the past, this stuff makes my skin feel AMAZING.  Not like just a little good, but it feels incredible and softer than ever.  Living in Minnesota and getting through the harsh winters leaves my skin incredibly dry at times.  I love that the Mint Butter can be used as an all over body moisturizer.  Not only does it soothe my itchy skin, but it leaves my skin with a glow that it’s never had before.  Have I mentioned how incredibly smooth it has left my skin?  I love that my legs aren’t ridiculously itchy now.


Looking for a more natural cleansing mask?I also received the Kona Mocha Mask.  I have to admit, I have never used a mask before so I was a bit intimidated by it but it was simple.  Using Kona coffee and cacao, it will leave your skin feeling tighter and brighter by reducing wrinkles and dark circles and reducing other facial impurities.  I have a confession to make here.  Somehow I didn’t catch on to the idea that the Kona Mocha Mask and the Mama’s Kona Coffee MINT Butter may actually smell like coffee.  {I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I only get 4-6 hours of sleep a night}.  When all of these items arrived, I tore into it all like a kid on Christmas morning.  The very first thing I noticed as I poofed the Kona Mocha Mask all over myself was that it really does smell like coffee.  I wasn’t thrilled but I wanted to give it a chance since I somehow spaced it when choosing my review items.  As I was mixing it, I still wasn’t sure but I slathered it on my face, sat down to watch a show and gave it a chance.  I could feel it working and could feel when my skin started to get tight.  As I was washing it off about a half hour later, I could definitely smell the coffee smell and was about to swear it off for good.  I changed my mind quickly though.  After washing it off and drying my face, I was blown away.  I couldn’t believe how SOFT it made my skin feel after only one use.  The trade off is totally worth it to me, so if you are a coffee lover, you will really love it.


I’m proud to support Balm! Baby because their products are all natural and good for your skin or baby’s skin.  You can be confident and beautiful knowing that only the best is going on your skin.  You can get the same benefits of some chemical filled products without the addition of harmful chemicals in your body.


This year, give the gift of beauty to mom.  With a wide variety of products to choose from, you can give the entire family gifts they will love.  Make this Christmas the start of a more natural, beautiful you.  Make sure you check out Balm! Baby and leave me a comment letting me know your favorite products.

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