Homeschool Elections Unit

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It’s pretty hard to ignore the fact that it is an election year. While the world feels like it’s in a crazy tailspin, this is such an amazing time to teach and learn alongside our kids all about elections and the presidency. I thought I’d share a few things we are doing to learn about the process of electing a new president.

We love for the crazy awesome amount of courses and this fantastic courses – All About Elections and United States Presidency are so fun. With tons of different ways of learning about what is happening and will be happening in the next few weeks all taught in a fun way that ends with your very own newspaper about elections, your kids will have so much fun! When we finish this unit, we will be doing the United States Presidency unit.

We also read through bits and pieces of the Usborne Understanding Politics and Government book. There is so much information in this book, all laid out in the amazing way that Usborne always does. My daughter will just randomly pick it up and read through it.

I am reading the book Rush Revere and the Presidency . We love this series about a silly talking horse as they travel back in time to learn about the Presidency.

I recently ordered the Election Night! game and the kids and I are having so much fun playing it! I love about a million things about this game but I’ll tell you just a few. You can play with addition or multiplication so it’s great for multiple ages. Your kids learn geography, a little about the populations of different states as they realize that some states are worth more electoral votes than others. They will also learn strategy for many different reasons. Even my newly turned six-year-old plays it, although he just loves to color in the circles on the board and picks any random state when I give him the options. We love game schooling so this is a perfect game for us.

Earlier this year we did the U.S. Elections Lap-Pak from Homeschool in the Woods that was great!

There are many more resources we could add in but for now, this is what we are doing. I’d love to hear from you! What is your family doing to help kids learn more about the election process and the presidency?

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