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So history somehow has become my favorite thing to teach and my kids’ favorite thing to learn. As I have said before – I love giving my kids the chance to decide what we learn about. This was no different. I asked Maggie to choose from the Time Travelers U.S. History Studies that Home School in the Woods offers. She chose to learn about the American Revolution. I was excited because we haven’t covered much of this yet so we would all be learning together. If you are looking for something that covers specific areas of history with a clearly laid out and easy-to-follow lesson plan, check this one out. The lesson plan includes a variety of different activities for each day. It’s laid out as a five days a week plan where the 5th day is a day to catch up on things from that week that you didn’t have time to finish. I did find that each day includes more than we would normally cover in a day but that’s what makes this great. While it lays it all out for you – you can choose what you do from each day or even break up one day into a few different days. The lessons include many different activities from a timeline to replicas, the Daily Bugle newspaper as a writing activity, penmanship quotes, note booking activities, lap book activities, maps, movies, activities that fit with the time period, fact file cards, cooking activities and so much more.  We use the vocabulary words as part of a matching game.   We begin each lesson by reading the text for the day that covers that day’s topic. Then we do the timeline and choose one or two other activities for that day. Maggie loves the timelines because it is simple and I love it because she always wants to talk about it as she adds them to the timeline. We always add in living books that we can read together and love finding videos that fit what we are learning about. I really love using The Daily Bugle as part of our daily writing.  I love that it also suggests for them to write a first draft on a regular sheet of paper, edit it as many times as necessary and then write it on the newspaper.  My daughter really loves that at the end of the unit, we get to have a Tribute to the Revolution party. Home School in the Woods has so many different topics to learn about.  Click the picture below to see  reviews on some of the other topics – I can’t wait to check them out myself!  Leave me a comment below and let me know what topic you want to study first.  
World History (Project Passport), U.S. History Studies (Time Travelers) and Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures  {Home School in the Woods Reviews}
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