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Like many other parents out there, you face the problem that your toddlers, or even older kids, get out of bed before they are ready to be up for the day.  Maggie wakes up just a little and thinks she should be up for the day.  I would tell her, it isn’t time to get up yet, or, we don’t get up until at least 7, but that never did any good.  Plus, now that it is light out for longer periods of time, she sees the sun and thinks it is wake up time.  When I checked out Julie’s review of the ZAZOO photo clock, I couldn’t help myself, I had to check one of these out for myself.  I had to know if this was just another gadget or if it was amazing.


The ZAZOO photo clock is an alarm clock, music player, and digital picture frame all in one.  You can set two different alarms.  We use one for morning and one for nap.   While we can set the alarm to make noise when it is time to get up, we don’t use that feature, because, well, let’s face it, my toddler can sleep as long as she wants/needs to.  We use the photo alarm feature so that when the alarm goes off, the picture changes.  Plus, I love that it still displays the clock on the front no matter which picture it is, so that Maggie can associate the picture and time with whether it is awake or sleep time.

The clock comes with 8 preset pictures.  You can also add your own images, using either the USB cable, or an SD card.  There are also 11 preset songs, or you can add your own.

Zazoo photo alarm clock, digital picture frame, alarm clock

I had a lot of fun adding images to the clock.  I have a super sweet picture of Maggie for in the morning when she can be awake.  Overnight, it has the Night preset picture.  Then at naptime, it is a picture of the 2 horses that Maggie gets to ride, Amber and Cocoa.  Her naptime picture is the dinosaur sleeping.  I wanted something she wouldn’t get super excited about for nap and bedtimes.

Zazoo Photo Alarm Clock, digital picture frame, alarm clock

Now, for the test…..It works.  I mean, really works, at least for us.  It is amazing!!!  It only took a few days for Maggie to catch on.  Now, when she wakes up from nap, she calls my name.  I wait a few minutes, and then she will say, either Amber and Cocoa are awake, I can get up now, or Amber and Cocoa are still sleeping, I need a kiss.  Then, I kiss her, and she will {most of the time} either fall asleep again, or at least lay there quietly for awhile.  In the morning, even if she is sleeping in my bed, she will say, I’m awake – and then run into her room to check the clock.  Generally, she goes back to bed, but every so often, that doesn’t work out.  The clock also doubles as a nightlight.  We usually leave the bathroom light on so Maggie isn’t in a pitch black room, so the light that it lets off really helps.  Which picture you have set as sleep determines just how much light it gives off.


The ZAZOO photo clock also comes with a remote.  It is really helpful for when we are just playing around upstairs and want to listen to music or a slideshow of pictures.


You can personalize the clock with your child’s name or images and music.  Setting the alarm, music, or pictures is really simple.  The buttons on the back will guide you through all of the actions and in only a few minutes, your clock is up and running.

ZAZOO photo alarm clock, digital picture frame, alarm clock

Our ZAZOO photo clock has been a huge hit with Maggie.  I love that as she gets older and has to be up at a certain time, she can wake up to her own alarm.  Then, if she decides to not use it as an alarm anymore, she can still keep it in her adult years as a digital picture frame.  This clock really is amazing, at least in our house, and I hope it will be in your house too!  When Charlie gets a little  older, I will have to get him his own clock as well.


This is quite possibly one of my favorite things ever!!!  It truly has been a lifesaver with getting Maggie to go back to sleep without fighting with me.  {Been there?}

ZAZOO photo alarm clock, digital picture frame, alarm clock

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