How to Keep Spiders Out – Naturally

Yesterday I actually screamed a little….like a girl. I was a bit embarrassed and ashamed. I was about to walk into the bathroom and saw this giant, life size, man eating spider in the corner of the hallway. Okay, so there is a chance that all of those descriptions may be a bit extreme, but it was a pretty big, pretty ugly spider. It kind of freaked me out. Probably more because John was home so I could make him kill it, who knows.

Last week, Maggie told me that she saw one and I looked. It was the same kind and size of spider and totally creeped me out, but I toughed it out and took care of it like a big girl.

So after last nights freak out, I realized I had to figure out something to spray to keep those buggers out of our house! I’m serious – no time for spider nightmares!!

spider repellentSo how do I keep spiders out naturally? It is super simple and effective.

Add about 15-20 drops of peppermint oil to a bottle of water. Spray around windows and doors, around the perimeter of your house, wherever you feel needs it. You could also place some on a cotton ball and rub that around windows and doors.


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