In the beginning there was a mom and a baby

In the beginning there was a mom and a baby

In the beginning, there was a mom and a baby who fell in love.  In fact, I fell in love the moment I knew about her.  Then, I fell in love a second time when I found out about him.  Did I ever think I would be writing a post about why I love breastfeeding?  Absolutely not.  
What do I love about breastfeeding?  Everything!  
My dearest Maggie and Charlie, 
There may be a million different times a day when you are pulling at me or crying for me because you want to nurse.  Again.  And again.  And again.  Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed, I have other things I need to accomplish.  But I sit with you.  And my heart melts as I look at you and feel your tiny little hand relax onto my chest.  I feel your breathing slow as you eat and the soft sounds of your purring because you are so happy and relaxed.  I look down at you and suddenly realize that you have grown yet again.  You are no longer the tiny little person that fit in one arm to nurse.  Now, you have grown, you take up my whole lap.  Now, you have grown more and you demand more.  I want my blanket while I nurse mama.  Your body grows calm.  So does mine.  I can’t possibly tell you that I love you enough while you are nursing.  I smile because someday you won’t be my baby anymore.  My heart is so full of love for you.  I’m glad you haven’t weaned completely just yet, even though I was sure you had.  When you ask to nurse, I know we haven’t spent enough time together just the two of us and this is your way of reminding me.  Thank you so much for that.  I enjoy these moments too.   Thank you for reminding me that I need to cherish these moments, even when I think I should be doing something else.  I love you both so very much and love our times breastfeeding so very much.  
This was taken after the first time I nursed them both.  2 happy, full, sleepy babies.  LOVE

What do you love most about breastfeeding?  Was it different with each child? 
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