Innovation Meets #Babywearing + 10 Reasons to Babywear

*Disclosure:  I received complimentary product for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*

I know I’m not alone when I say, “If I’ve tried one baby carrier, I want to try them all.”  I know there are more of you out there like me.  I kind of feel like a baby carrier hoarder.  Okay, reality check – I am a baby carrier holder, but I promise, I use them all!  I just love them, so when I had the opportunity to check out a brand new baby carrier, new style, new company, you can bet that I had to see this.  HIPSTER is an innovative baby carrier that will undoubtedly be used longer than the rest of your carriers.  Are you dying to hear more?

If I said 9 ways to use this one baby carrier, would I have your undivided attention?  It’s true, that is what HIPSTER is all about.  I promise, this carrier is like nothing you have ever seen before.  For the first few minutes after it arrived, I wasn’t so sure because there were pieces.  I’ve never seen that with a baby carrier.  But, I touched it and played with it for a few minutes like a new toy and I realized how simple and awesome this carrier really was.

HIPSTER by MiaMilyHIPSTER by MiaMilyHIPSTER by MiaMilyHIPSTER comes with 3 pieces, the HIPSTER seat base, a one shoulder strap carrier, and a two shoulder strap carrier.  The shoulder strap pieces zip and snap securely onto the seat to allow for the different carries.  Using the seat alone, you can carry 3 different ways. Add on the one shoulder strap and you can carry 3 more ways.  Add the two shoulder strap and you can carry 3 more ways for a total of 9 ways to carry your baby.  Below I do my best to show you all 9, but the facing out carries just aren’t working for me being 8 months pregnant.

HIPSTER by MiaMilyWhen I first put on just the seat base, I was thinking how silly this was, but when I actually used it, I was so impressed {and relieved} with how much easier it was to carry the kids on my hip.  I have 2 little snuggle bugs that often love to be held.  Since my belly tends to get in the way, or I just get worn down, I don’t do it for too long.  With the HIPSTER seat, the side carry is so easy and comfortable with the kids.

HIPSTER by MiaMilyHIPSTER by MiaMilyThe seat is secured around your waist using not only a buckle, as most carriers do, but a wide strip of velcro to ensure it is secure all the way around and doesn’t slip.  There is also a convenient pocket for keys, a pacifier, a phone, or other smallish items.

HIPSTER by MiaMilyThe one shoulder strap attachment zips and snaps directly onto the seat.  There is a wide, thick shoulder strap pad on the adjustable strap, and the strap securely buckles together on both sides.  These buckles are designed to sort of swivel so that they keep the strap in the proper position for both comfort and safety.  Using HIPSTER this way is similar to a ring sling.

HIPSTER by MiaMilyHIPSTER by MiaMilyThe two shoulder strap zips directly onto the seat base.  It features two comfortably padded shoulder straps.   There are also two removable teething pads..  These straps are adjustable for an up and down fit, as well as can be tightened on your back for a secure fit.  This piece also has a removable hood for sleeping or privacy.  Using HIPSTER this way is similar to a soft structured carrier.

HIPSTER by MiaMilyBoth the one and two shoulder straps are made with a mesh lining.  The outside of each of these strap pieces has a two pouch pocket for storing things.  These pockets can also be unzipped and detached leaving just the mesh lining for increased breathability.

HIPSTER by MiaMilyAll straps on the HIPSTER can be rolled up and secured so you don’t have straps hanging all over the place.

HIPSTER is designed to be an ergonomic carrier keeping baby safe and comfortable.  It is designed for ages 3 months up to 3 years.  Because Maggie is such a lightweight, I am still carrying her just a few months shy of her 4th birthday in this carrier.  {She only weighs 29 pounds}.  I love that this carrier works in so many ways and can be like a seat, a soft structured carrier, or a ring sling.

Because some things are easier to show than tell, be sure to watch this video reviews of the HIPSTER baby carrier for a more in depth explanation.

If you are new to babywearing and trying to figure out why it is beneficial and can make your life easier, here are just a few reasons we love babywearing.

HIPSTER by MiaMily

If you are looking to check out a new, innovative baby carrier that can be used multiple ways, check out HIPSTER from MiaMily.  You can also connect with HIPSTER on Facebook and Instagram.



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