It smells like fresh cut grass!

I decided today to conquer the lawn….or part of it.  I LOVE that we have 4.55 acres to play on.  I even enjoy mowing the lawn, but last year, it would take between 4 and 6 hours to mow the grass.  Our mower, even on the fastest setting still isn’t a speed racer.  Even if it was, I can only go so fast.  We have gophers and moles which means we have tons of sand mounds all over the yard.  And I have to mow with Maggie on my lap.  She doesn’t mind, and neither do I.  It was easier last year to wrap her up in the snuggli and mow.  She napped the whole time.  Now when I am sitting on the mower, there isn’t room for her to sit and sleep that way because of my belly. 

Oh yeah, and did I mention that last year we only mowed half of the lawn and it took me forever!  Now, since John burned down the yard, we have even more to mow.  I generally have to mow every week during the summer.  Not a big deal, except that it takes me two days to mow…probably more this year since there is more grass to mow.  So now, I have one side of the front yard mowed.  Tomorrow and Thursday are going to be very busy:  zoo tomorrow and my birthday on Thursday.  Friday is supposed to be much cooler and probably not inviting for me to finish mowing.  By the time I have a chance to mow again and it’s nice out, I will have to redo the entire lawn!  

I know….who writes a post about mowing their lawn…well, I do!  I opened the door to go back into the garage later on, and it smells like fresh cut grass in there.  Who doesn’t love that smell! 

I am very curious how I will manage to get the lawn mowed once the baby gets here.  I can’t very well leave Maggie running around the lawn, but there isn’t room for all 3 of us on the mower.  We shall see what happens.  Sometimes I can leave it and John will get it, but this time he will be gone for 5 weeks 🙁  Probably shouldn’t let it go that long! 

On a side note, it was absolutely gorgeous out today and made it enjoyable to mow with the munchkin. 

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