It’s a pocket, it’s a fitted, it’s both! Oh my!

It’s a pocket, it’s a fitted, it’s both! Oh my!

When I started using cloth diapers, I avoided WAHM’s.  I didn’t really know what to think about them. It took me a little while, but I got over that and I am so glad.  Over the last few years, I have come across some really fantastic WAHM made diapers.  I have also discovered a few of them that are based right here in Minnesota.  Even more exciting to me because I love supporting small businesses where I live.

A few months ago, I approached Anne from Greenchild Creations about doing a review and she told me that I could be added to a list.  Then, not long after that, I won one of her fitted diapers, so I didn’t expect to hear back from her again.  Imagine my surprise when she emailed me awhile later and asked if I would still be interested in doing a review.  Now, I get to share my review of my Greenchild Creations fitted diaper, and tell you all about another fantastic Minnesota company!  
Anne loves to create things for others to enjoy and so Greenchild Creations was started.  She was recently joined by her mom, Mary, where she will add her creative talents to the shop.  At Greenchild Creations, you will find more than just cloth diapers.  You can also find soaps and lotions made with natural vegan ingredients.  The diapers are made of natural materials like cotton and bamboo.  Even the gift boxes are pine wrapped in natural grapevine.  
The Diaper

The outer layer is made of printed flannel, available in a wide variety of prints {good luck choosing a favorite, they are all so cute}.  We received the pirate print to review {free of charge} and I was so excited when I saw it!  I don’t know what it is about having a boy that made me suddenly love pirate things, but I do!  The inner layer and the inner pocket layer are white flannel.  Now, after many uses, our diaper has faded, but, you will notice in her Etsy shop that flannel tends to fade and pill over time so you know that ahead of time.  No surprises there.  
The back and between the legs of this diaper both have elastic to allow it to stretch, yet still stay snug around baby.  This truly is a one size diaper because the rise can be any height you want it to be.  Simply fold the front flap up as far as you need to get a snug fit on baby.  There are no snaps or velcro on the diaper, instead, using a pin or two which come free with the diaper if you want.  I imagine that by the time you get to this part, you are wondering if you can use a Snappi or Boingo fastener with it.  The answer is yes.  I was able to use both a Snappi and a Boingo fastener with it.  Our preferred method was the Boingo fastener, it’s the fastest and simplest method for me to get mister squirmy in the diaper.  He tries to crawl away and flips over as I get the diaper on him, so the pins were a bit tricky for me to use, even the Snappi proved a challenge at times, but all 3 options worked for us.  I have actually used the diaper without any fastener on it.  I just used the cover to hold it in place.  Probably not the best idea, but if I could put the cover on quickly it worked alright.  If none of those sound like the right option for you, you can get snaps or aplix on the diaper, just be sure to purchase the appropriate choice.  

The neat thing about this diaper that makes it stand out from other fitted diapers is that it is also a pocket.  You can really customize the diaper to fit your baby’s absorbency needs.  The pocket is very generously sized to allow for whatever absorbency you need.  The pocket has an opening at one end, as well as openings on both sides of the back of the diaper near the wings.  Be sure to keep any microfiber away from baby’s skin.  Inserts are not included, but can be purchased through Greenchild Creations as well.  We do elimination communication with Charlie, so during the day, if I am unsure if he is going to poop and want to make sure he has a diaper on, we use this without any inserts.  If we use it at night, we have been using it with a small pre fold, to give you an idea of the size of the pocket on the diaper.  

The diaper can fit a wide variety of kids, from newborn on up.  Seriously, I think an adult could wear this, you could make it that big.  The leg holes and waist definitely get small enough for a newborn, but it would be wide between the legs, however, it would work well.  

If you are looking for a quality fitted nighttime diaper, Greenchild Creations is very affordable at only $12.00 a diaper.

Visit Greenchild Creations Etsy shop and let me know what your favorite diaper or other product is.  Go ahead and “like” her on Facebook, you just never know when she is going to announce a giveaway or some other fun things like that.  


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