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Living in Minnesota, it gets pretty cold.  As in, well below zero.  When we go somewhere, the kids need their winter jackets on to stay warm.  But did you know that you shouldn’t put your child into their carseat wearing bulky jackets?  If you have to adjust the straps because of their coat, even though you think the straps feel snug, they may not do the job they were designed to do and if you are in an accident, your child may not stay in their seat?  I for one will not take that chance.  So, when we go somewhere, we take off Maggie’s coat, buckle her in, and cover her with a blanket.  I feel bad because I know she gets cold as we are getting buckled, but now we don’t have that problem.

When I heard of the precious car-n-go poncho from Jeni Lynn Designs, I knew I had to check these things out.  I was so happy when Jeni agreed to let me do a review!  And, it arrived at just the right time!  We had subzero temperatures for a week or so, and at some point, we had no choice but to go out.

Now, when our poncho arrived, we were in love with it right away!  It is adorable, super soft, and much warmer than we imagined it would be.  The print we chose is even better in person!  They are made with a print on the outside and a coordinating color on the inside.Our poncho is made of 2 layers of super soft fleece and a 4 inch zipper at the neck making it really easy for Maggie to put it on and take it off, even on her own.  Plus, there is an attached hood to keep her head covered.

The ponchos are about 35 square inches, so they will be longer on small babies, and shorter on the older kids.  I love how instead of just falling straight down on her, it’s positioned with the corners pointed down each arm and the front and back so it keeps her whole upper body covered.  Plus, this keeps it in place on her but she is still able to get her hands out to do things if she wants.

I was impressed with how warm the poncho was on her, and now, when it’s time to go, she will tell us she has to find her poncho and put it on.  It’s so cute.

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To put your child in the car seat with their poncho on, simply drape the back of the poncho up and over the back of the carseat.  Lift up the front, buckle the straps underneath, and lay the poncho back down.  To get out, simply lift up the poncho, unbuckle, lay it down and take out your kiddo.

If you want to get fancy, you can add on a 3rd layer or a mohawk (we will be getting a mohawk one for Charlie).  Are you dying to check these things out yet?  Head on over to Jeni Lynn Designs and pick out your favorite car seat poncho (and, be sure to leave me a comment letting me know which one you love; I bet you can’t pick just one)!  You can get more than ponchos at Jeni Lynn Designs, be sure to check out the blankets as well.

I bet you want to win one now don’t you?!  And you can – Enter starting February 6th! 
*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and only influenced by my experience with the product and company and may differ from yours.*


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