Kids say the darndest things {Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linky}

It seems like every age is my favorite.  Especially once they start talking.  While sometimes, I could do without it, most of the time, I find it wonderful.  I can have conversations with Maggie and it is so much fun!  Not to mention, that girl is hilarious!  Here are just a few things she has said…

Kids say the darndest things, Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Whenever I ask her to do something she doesn’t want to, or tell her what we will be doing, example:  we are going to have spaghetti for dinner tonight.  She will reply with, “That won’t work mom,”  whenever she wants to do something else.


What is that smell?  Is that chocolate?  Do you have chocolate?  Are you eating chocolate? I need some of that.  Can I have some of that?


{To her auntie Patty one day} Call me Princess Maggie!


While watching the Vikings game one day:

Maggie:  Go Pack Go!  Go Pack Go!

Me:  That’s right, we cheer for the Packers.  But this is the Vikings game.

Maggie:  Oh.  We don’t like the Vikings.

Yep, she’s my kid alright!


Sitting on the potty one day.  When she is done, she proudly proclaimed, “The queen is done.”


One of my personal favorites {and a sign she has obviously been listening to me} Mom – come get Charlie.  He’s making me NUTS!

Kids say the darndest things, Tuesday's Toddler Tales

I could go on and on, these two are hilarious.  I cannot wait until Charlie talks even more!

Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Each week we are linking up for Tuesday’s Toddler Tales.  This weeks topic is Kids say the darndest things.  Next weeks topic is And the Parent of the Year award goes to me because….


It’s true, kids say the darndest things.  What crazy things have your kids come up with?  



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