Lay-N-Go Activity Mat Lite *Review*

Lay-N-Go Activity Mat Lite *Review*

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you have a toddler, so you can relate when I say that my daughter always wants to take something with us.  And I always end up carrying whatever it is.  Generally, a bunch of little things that I don’t have the hands for.  Enter:  the Lay-n-Go Lite, the answer to getting out the door with everything she wants, and everything I need, while only making one trip.  
The lay-n- go lite is an 18 inch travel/mini activity mat that you can easily convert into a carry bag for a quick easy clean-up of all of those small toys.  The toys can be spread out on the mat for play in a restaurant, airplane, car, wherever you may be going and instantly cleaned up by pulling the drawstring when it is time to go.

It is made from 100% nylon fabric so it is durable and easy to wipe clean when you have it out somewhere collecting germs.  The drawstring cord and cord lock allow easy open and close while locking shut when you transport it.  There is also a velcro storage pocket on the outside and inside.  Your little one can store their favorite toy in the inside pocket, and you can store the nylon cord in the outer pocket.  The nylon handle provides for easy carrying. 
The Lay-n-Go LITE is small and perfect for travel.  If, however, you need a larger one for bigger toy collections, you can get the 5′ version. 
Lay-n-Go LITE is available in 5 great colors, blue, green, pink, red and orange.  We received this great blue color. 

We love our Lay-n-Go and use it every day, sometimes even when we aren’t going anywhere.  Maggie loves having a mat to play with her toys on, so she really likes having this.  The Lay-n-Go is great for more than just toys though.  It is a great place to store a lunch (as long as it doesn’t need to be refrigerated), and the mat makes a great picnic placemat too.  Maggie loves to put her doggy toys in, her megabloks, blocks, and whatever else she can think of.  Plus, when it is open, she uses it for a bed for her baby dolls.

If you are looking for a great way to tote those toys when you go, be sure to check this out, you can find tons of uses for it!  And, at $24.95, you will get your moneys worth.  PishPoshBaby has so many products to offer for those little ones, head over and check them out.   From strollers to nursery decor, pamper your baby!

PishPoshBaby is also helping to give back to those affected by Superstorm Sandy.  If you have a booster seat that was damaged by the storm, the wonderful people at PishPoshBaby are giving you a replacement booster seat.  These Boosters will only be available as long as supplies last, so if you are in need please respond immediately by sending an email to .

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Besides the Lay-n-Go, what are some of your favorite products from PishPoshBaby?

*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and only influenced by my experience with the product and company. 


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