Little Green Bean Diaper Review

Little Green Bean Diaper Review

Aimee from Little Green Bean was kind of to send me this ADORABLE All-In-One diaper to review. I have to say, I was in love as soon as I saw it. This diaper is so soft and the pattern is so adorable, I couldn’t wait to put it on little M’s toosh!

We received a medium diaper that fits 20-30 pounds and little Miss M is just barely pushing 20 pounds. Nonetheless, this diaper fit great! It did not gap in the legs or waste at all. This diaper is made with PUL on the outside, a super soft and very absorbable microfleece inside, and two sewn-in soakers.Each soaker is made of 2 layers of baby soft flannel and 2 layers of all-natural bamboo batting.The soakers are sewn into the diaper and are placed to dry quickly. This diaper has 3 rows of snaps so it can adjust to fit babies at the lower end of the size, but will also grow with the baby.The snaps are easy to use and are placed so the legs or waist can be tightened without making the other to tight.

One thing I have found that is different than my other diapers is that when little Miss M pees, there isn’t an odor like in most of our diapers.  We really had to check to see if she wet.  This diaper has made it through a nap and still didn’t have that odor.

The only issue, if you even want to call it that, is that  the inserts started to pull apart at the corners, which doesn’t seem to affect the use of the diaper.  I did mention this to Aimee and she said she will tighten the stitch there and this should eliminate this.  It is very minimal and only noticeable because I turned the diaper inside out.  It did not affect the use at all.

The brown microsuede

Very absorbent sewn in soakers

The elastic around the legs fits very snugly with no room for leaks.

Every time I put this on little Miss M, she turns around and “shakes her tail feathers.”  I think she approves

Miss M never stops moving, so getting a shot of how snugly the diaper fits was no easy feat.

Price *****These diapers sell for $18.50 which I think is very reasonable for an all-in-one.  
Leakproof *****We haven’t had a single leak with this diaper. The soakers are very absorbent. Fit*****We have no trouble getting a fantastic fit every time.
Easy to Use***** I almost gave this 4 stars because one snap on the diaper is a little difficult to snap together but I think this is from being new and I’m guessing will be less noticeable the more we use it.
Washing*****This diaper has held up well during the wash and dries quickly.  I do turn it inside out to help it dry quicker, but I’m not sure if you even have to do that.
Overall*****I absolutely love this diaper.  Definitely my favorite diaper in our stash now and I’m a little sad when we have to wait for the wash.

About Little Green Bean:  Please visit her store at Little Green Bean and see her adorable selection of diapers and other products.  Aimee started her business because she she loves sewing and decided to make her sewing hobby a useful one and boy am I glad she did!  

Right now, Little Green Bean   is offering Free Shipping with code Freeship12 until March 5th so head on over to her shop and check out her fantastic diapers. 

Disclaimer:  I received this diaper free of charge and the opinions in this post are 100 % mine. 

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