Little Love Buns Wipe Bits *Review*

I am really excited to introduce you to one of my fabulous sponsors 
First off, the owner of Little Love Buns, Dallas, is wonderful to work with! She is a proud wife and a mother of 3.  She began her cloth diapering journey after the birth of her twins.  After battling stains, smells, build up and irritation, she decided to create a detergent that would fix these issues.  After months of research and trial and error, she came up with her perfect detergent.  One of her children had very sensitive skin and eczema so she came up with detergent, wipe solution and soap that would help her babys skin and not make it worse.  Dallas prides herself on making almost every product she sells.  Throughout my blogging days, Dallas is definitely one of the nicest people I have met.  She is wonderful at keeping in touch and making sure that her products are working well for me.  
About the Wipe Bits
I was sent 3 different scents of wipe bits to test out and received 3 of each scent.  They smell so wonderful!  I was so excited because I have yet to use any wipe bits that I like at all!  The wipe bits come in cute little flower shapes and pretty colors.  The scents I received were Cucumber Melon, Sweet Pea, and Peach Mango.  I could not wait to try these out!  
Dallas even checked with me to see if the wipe bits melted at all during the delivery because they were packaged differently than they are for customers.  They did a small bit, but they still worked terrific for us.  I LOVED the fact that these wipe bits melted so quickly in warm water and dissolved completely.  This was the problem I had faced with some other wipe bits that I used.   
The wipe bits I received and the wipe I received with it. 
I only used one wipe bit at a time and that seemed to work really well for me.  They dissolved quickly so I didn’t have to wait a day for the solution to dissolve.  The other thing I loved about these wipe bits was the smell.  Every time I opened my wipe container, I got a gentle whiff of this great solution.  It was like a little smile every time I needed to get a wipe.  The solution was gentle enough that I was able to use it to wash Maggie’s hands and face as well.  
Little Love Buns wipe bits can also be used as hand soap on the go, in the bath, or as a foot soak.  The Little Love Buns wipe bits come in 7 different scents but can also be ordered in many other scents by special request.  I definitely recommend these wipe bits to anybody looking to try a new solution and fall in love with it!  
Are you ready to try these fantastic wipe bits?
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Do you want a chance to win?  Be sure you are receiving updates from Mommy of One and Counting.  The giveaway for a chance to win these wipe bits and some fabulous detergent will be posted soon!  Do you want 2 extra entries?  Visit Little Love Buns now and comment here with your favorite scent! 

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