Life’s little stresses

Life can be full of stress, from the little things to the big.  Knowing how to handle that stress can make a bad day better.  To get through my life, here are a few things that help me de-stress.

Stress Relief

Exercise.  Get out those aggressions the healthy way!  I’m always torn between running and yoga to relive my stress.


Get some fresh air.  A little time in the great outdoors can give you a whole new perspective on the day.


Call a friend.  Or better yet – have a get together with them.  I swear, I’d be lost without my Katie’s.  From phone calls with one, to weekly playdates with the other, I just plain feel better.


Accept that you can’t change everything.  Why worry about the things you can’t change, it’s a big time waster.


Pray.  Talk to God.  Give him your worries, ask for help, whatever you need.


Do something for you.  Take a bubble bath, read a book, work in the garden, whatever it is that makes you feel good.


Avoid the stressor.  Sometimes the stressor is a person or event that you have the ability to avoid.  Sometimes, there isn’t a way to avoid it and this won’t help.


Use Essential Oils.  Scents like lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood can help you be calm.

Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Each week, we are linking up for Tuesday’s Toddler Tales.  This week’s topic is stress relievers.  Next week we are talking about Kids say the darndest things.


How do you relieve stress?

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