Londonware #SummerCloth *Sponsor Spotlight and Review*

Londonware #SummerCloth *Sponsor Spotlight and Review*

I LOVE when I have the opportunity to review a product that is different from anything I have ever tried.  Thanks to Wendy, the owner of the wonderful Etsy shop

With so much cute stuff to choose from, deciding what to try was tough for me, but I choose an adorable Fleece Skirtie.  I can’t tell you how completely adorable it is!  Here are the pictures of what I received.

Picture of the cover underneath the skirt

 When I received this, I couldn’t wait to put it on my daughter!  Because she is potty training, I considered using the skirtie with nothing else, but we didn’t try that.  We used some fitteds or prefolds underneath the skirtie.  Maggie really liked wearing the skirtie.  She would point to the colors on it and kept lifting it up because she thought it was funny.  

Wendy has had her shop open since 2009.  She is a stay at home mommy who loves to create cuteness for little people!  She is absolutely wonderful to work with and is great about answering questions so there is no miscommunication on sizing or anything else.  

Pretty much everything in the Londonware shop is made from fleece.  Fleece makes great diaper covers because it is breathable, soft and durable.  All of these diaper covers are machine washable and can be tossed in with the rest of your cloth diapers.  Fleece pulls moisture away from baby keeping their skin nice and dry.  You can also add an extra insert if you want even more protection.  

 If you don’t see the product you want, email Wendy and she will do her best to get you the custom diaper cover you want.  

Our experience with our Fleece Skirtie from Londonware

Great snug fit around her thighs to prevent leaks. 

We were able to use this over some fitted diapers and over some prefolds.  We never once experienced a leak.  She likes wearing the skirtie because it is so soft on her skin.  When we washed the skirtie, we didn’t have pilling like I was wondering if we would from the material.  The skirtie has held up and not faded after many washes.  I know that even after my daughter is done with diapers, this is something that she can still wear as long as it fits her as a skirt.  This mama is a sucker for brown and blue, so I love to put this on her!  

Check out Londonware on Etsy and order some cuteness!

Besides diaper covers and skirties, there are reusable snack bags.

 Do you want a chance to win something adorable from Londonware?  Enter here


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