Lovable Labels *Review* *Giveaway*

Lovable Labels *Review* *Giveaway*

Christine from Lovable Labels sent me a fantastic Camp Pack to review.  I will admit, even looking at the website, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when they arrived, they are so cute.  Even knowing how many labels I would be receiving, there are a lot! 
About Lovable Labels
Who:  Lovable Labels was started by a mom who encountered a problem – when she took her son to childcare, she was asked to label all of his belongings.  EVERYTHING!  She realized there needed to be personalized labels that were tough and durable and could take the beating kids are sure to give.
What:  Personalized durable labels and tags are Lovable Labels specialty.  They are the best quality labels that are durable and adorable!  The labels are waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe, washer and dryer safe, sun safe, bleach safe, sunscreen safe and temperature safe.  With the many different types of labels, Lovable Labels has you covered!
Where:  Lovable Labels is an online company making it easy for anyone to order worldwide.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  
When:  Lovable Labels launched in 2003.  They have continued to develop innovative and useful products based on customer feedback.  
Why:  Because….kids lose stuff.  Lovable Labels offers the solution to save you time and money because you don’t have to keep replacing your child’s belongings.  
What is included in the Camp Pack?  
15 Stickers
40 Slimline Labels
12 Shoe Labels
72 Press and Stick Clothing Dots
12 Square Labels 
and 2 Label Tags
These are available in 12 designs / colors and 45 different icons. 


Slimline Labels

Shoe Stickers

3 Sheets of Press N Stick Clothing Dots

Square Labels

Tags with Chain – This is actually a super cute green but it wouldn’t turn out in the picture.
My daughter is 18 months old and doesn’t go to child care or school without me, and we haven’t lost her belongings yet, but there have been many times we have ended up with somebody else’s belongings from a play date or baby group, so I was really glad to have these labels so we don’t lose Maggie’s toys and clothes.  
We put them on her shoes, her jackets – this is a must since we live in Minnesota and the weather varies greatly from morning to night.  We put them on her baby dolls and books that she likes to take with.  The labels have held up well for us so far, which means they stick good because she likes to take her shoes on and off, and washes her baby a million times a day.  Plus, I love her name so seeing it over and over makes me smile!

On her book

Her Shoe

Her sweatshirt

My overall opinion:  Love them and am glad we have them.  We will save a lot of them for her as she gets older.  I know that starting in the fall when we have baby class, she will be separated from me sometimes because I will be in class with the baby and we will be labeling even more of her belongings.  As she grows, and when she starts preschool – YIKES – we will use them even more.  The different designs on each type of label are adorable, and Maggie loves animals, so we even talk about the labels when she sees them, so they are providing a learning experience for her.  The shoe labels are a great size.  They are a little tricky because her shoe is so little still, but it fits and stays in place good.  The clothing labels come in multiple sizes so we used a small one on the tag of her sweatshirt. 
Now:  Get your own labels!  How?
Buy it:  $44.95
1-866 327-LOVE (5683)
Win it:  April 10-17 by entering on the rafflecopter form below. 

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