Lovable Labels Review

I have the BEST sponsors!  So let me introduce you to another one.  This one you may have heard of back in April when I introduced you to them the first time, but since I know you weren’t all here then, here you go.  
I received the Back To School Pack from Lovable Labels to review for my son.  
Lovable Labels started with a mom who had a problem I am sure many of you also have.  She took  her son to daycare and was asked to label ALL of his belongings.  She realized there was a need for personalized labels that were tough , durable and could stand up to what a child will put them through.  In 2003, Lovable Labels was launched.  Throughout the years, they have continued to develop innovative and useful products, many of which derived from customer suggestions and feedback!  
Lovable Labels are personalized, durable labels and tags.  They are durable and adorable; as well as being waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe, washer and dryer safe, sun safe, bleach safe, sunscreen safe and temperature safe.  
I have some of their labels from the Camp pack for my daughter, and we love them! You can read that review here). Right now, my children are very young (both under 2) and don’t go to childcare, so we don’t necessarily need these labels yet, but they are nice to have.  We are always running around doing things, many of them with her little buddies from groups and classes we are a part of.  It’s nice that if we leave something at a friends house, we know we will get it back because it has our name on it.  What a great concept.  I know that as they get older and start spending the night with friends, or going to preschool where I am not with them the entire time that I will love these labels even more.  

The Back To School Pack comes complete with 165 labels.  My daughter is 21 months and really enjoys helping me stick them on my little guys belongings.  If I am not careful, she will stick them everywhere!  She is also very into reading letters lately.  No, she can’t quite read them yet, but she points, I tell her and she repeats them, so these labels can even be used for learning 🙂
What all is included in the Back To School Pack you ask?  Well….
15 Sticker Labels
80 Slimline Labels
12 Shoe Labels
48 Press n’ Stick Clothing DOTS™
2 Mini-Metal Tags (two 4” silver ball chains included)
12 Square Labels
The labels come in 12 designs / colors and 45 different icons.  
Where can you get them?  Only online, which  means you can order them anytime you want, even if you are reading this awesome review I have written at 2 am.  Just head on over to their website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Doesn’t get any easier than that!  So head on over right now and check out the awesome designs and color options.  With these great options, you are sure to find the labels that are just perfect for your child.  For my son, we choose Movin’ and Groovin’.  I was very torn between these and the sports pack.  I LOVE sports, but think that he may just love the planes, fire trucks, etc.  

Connect with Lovable Labels.  
They have Fan Appreciation Friday each week, and one lucky winner from their facebook page can win some of this awesomeness.
Send them a tweet to say hi!  
Order some Lovable Labels now!
And…they even have a blog 
For $44.95, you can actually save money by not losing so many of your childs belongings.  
But….Lovable labels has agreed to let me give one of these packs of labels to one of you fantastic readers!  
Win these!

From now through September 30th, use this coupon on your order –
$5 off $25 or more with code MommyofOneandCounting 



  • We love Lovable Labels! I have a camp pack but have found out there’s not enough for dd’s things for school this year! LOL Would love to win these for dd’s school supplies and clothes (you’ll find out how sweaters and jackets just disappear…one day soon!)

    • When I use to teach, it always amazed me that they lose their coats, or shoes even. We live in Minnesota and it gets cold! How do they not notice they don’t have a coat on?

      My niece and nephew’s school has twice a year that they leave the lost and found out for 2 weeks. After that, what’s left is up for grabs.

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