Manic Monday

Today was a challenge for me, that’s for sure. Maggie turned one yesterday and we had a huge party for her. Such a big girl now! In the middle of opening presents, we discovered that her first tooth had popped through her gums a little bit, what a present :). Today, she has been very clingy and wants to nurse all the time because she won’t eat table food right now.

We are watching two of my nieces this week at night, so we are staying at their house. I made sure to grab the tylenol and baby ambesol and put them in our bags. However….Maggie unpacked them and when I was going to give her some to keep her from being in so much pain, I discovered we didn’t have them. Now, I haven’t slept much all week, so I was on the verge of a breakdown! Luckily we fixed the problem. We are not medicine people, but this is one time where her immune system isn’t going to fix the problem.

It is now almost ten o’clock and she is finally asleep. Let’s see if it lasts for more than an hour.

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