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My homeschool goal is not just to teach my kids but to guide them in a way that they want to learn. When we started reviewing Matific Galaxy, it was hands down one of my daughter’s favorite online math games programs. This is the thing she ASKS to do every day. That matters a lot around here.

When we got started with our one-year subscription to Matific Galaxy, what I really loved and noticed right away is that she thinks it is easy but I can see that it is challenging her. Some of the games make her think differently than she normally does {there is a game where you have to draw a certain amount of lines to make only one object in every area}. Watching her think, focus and keep trying is so fantastic.  Some of the games teach skills that I haven’t seen taught anywhere else before.  I love the problem-solving aspect of what she is learning as she completes the games.

She enjoys the freedom to work on whatever skills she wants to work on and I get regular updates on her progress emailed to me. She loves earning prizes for the characters and she can personalize them with different colors or items.  She gets pretty excited sometimes and has me come over to see what she has just completed.

With the updates emailed to me {I can also login to check those}, I can see what she has been working on and how she is doing on that skill. I can also send her an encouraging message that she will see when she logs in. When necessary, I can also change the grade level she is working at so she can learn new skills that challenge her.

Game planet also features a new game each day that they can play and work on. Have I mentioned yet that I love that I don’t have to ask her to work on it, she asks me to work on her math games. After like 40 minutes, she’ll ask if she can take a break because her brain is tired. Umm, yeah babe, you can. She views the challenging games as fun and isn’t frustrated by them which is kind of new for her. She can be easily frustrated by things like that so I love that she views these differently and wants to complete them instead of quit.

Maggie really wanted me to interview her about Matific Galaxy but for some reason I cannot get it to upload to this post so when I get that figured out, I’ll add that in here because she is super excited about it.

I know our family loves Matific Galaxy but you should check out what others have to say about it by clicking the image below.

Grow Your Math Skills with Matific Galaxy {Matific Galaxy Reviews}
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