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Guess what we have been up to? Reading! It’s kind of our favorite thing to do together. We have been reviewing Memoria Press Third Grade Literature Guide Set starting with the book Mr. Popper’s Penguins study guide. Anytime I can snuggle up with a kid on my lap as part of our school lessons – it’s a good day.

The literature guide set includes a teacher guide and student study guide. Each lesson is focused on one chapter. How we usually do this is that I read the chapter to the kids. Then – Maggie actually re-reads the chapter herself as she starts to answer the comprehension questions. Maggie will be going into third grade. I still sit and work through the lessons with her.

After reading the chapter, we go over the reading notes related to that chapter. Then as she goes through the vocabulary words – we have a chance to discuss the sentence or part of the sentence with the vocabulary word in it. Often, I have to help her see the word in a different sentence before she can grasp the meaning of the word and it has led to some great discussions.

The comprehension questions are her favorite because she is great at remembering what she reads. We are really starting to focus on the sentence structure of her answers because she really hates writing so she just wants to answer in one or two-word answers.

The quotations and discussion questions are great conversation starters to look more in-depth about the chapter we just read. I love the enrichment questions at the end of the lesson. We don’t usually complete all of the enrichment activities for each lesson but tend to pick and choose based on how long she has spent on that lesson and which activities she will get the most out of them. These are a fantastic way of adding in some sentence structure and writing by using their imagination and encouraging them to be descriptive. You can work together on that to proof them and fix any errors.

There are a few pages throughout where they can work on illustrating a scene from the book in a way that allows someone else to look at it and use the details of the drawing to understand what is happening in the story. You will also find pages about studying the characters, quizzes and tests in some of the study guides.

The study guide for Farmer Boy goes a little more in-depth with the extra practice pages. They dig more into the character, setting, plot and more where the student really has to go further than just reading the pages of the book. {I am super excited to read this one! We would have started with this but I cannot figure out where I put the book}

In Charlotte’s Web study guide – I love the story board pages in the review lessons. This guides your student on putting different events in order. I know this will be a lot of fun when we get to this. Plus – we love this book. There are also a lot more vocabulary review pages in this study guide and a fun vocabulary crossword. The final review has different sections: character identification, who said that, multiple choice questions, paragraph writing and short answer questions. I love this. Part of my goal for this year for my daughter is to really work on not only being able to write well but also to enjoy writing.

A Bear Called Paddington study guide also incorporates some map reading skills. While this is a shorter book similar to Mr. Popper’s Penguins – it’s still a fun story with plenty of learning and growth opportunities for your student.

I am really happy that we have been able to review this set and we will be continuing through with the other three study guides and stories in this set. You can check out reviews of some of the others as well by clicking the image below.

First to Tenth Grade Literature Guides {Memoria Press Reviews}

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