Memorial Day Book Pack

*I am an Amazon affiliate and a Beautiful Feet Books affiliate but trust me – you want to read these books to your kids.*

Whenever anybody asks about a history curriculum, I’m quick to mention Beautiful Feet Books. I big puffy heart love everything we have used so far. I decided to switch gears for school this last month because I am burnt out and needed a break. We have done almost no other school books this month but we have been reading through the Beautiful Feet Books Memorial Day Pack. So – let’s just be clear. It is amazing! The book selection as usual is fantastic. America’s White Table is my favorite but they are all amazing. We still have a few to read through, so we will see if our opinions change. Currently, the kids love Mercedes and The Chocolate Pilot. Because these books are so awesome – of course I have to share them with you.
Before I do though, check out the Memorial Day book pack and order for next year or any other military holiday. Fantastic books with terrific conversation starters to get your kids thinking and talking about what they just listened to. Each story also has some activities or recipes to complete along with it.

The Poppy Lady by Barbara Elizabeth Walsh
One woman’s inspiration to do more for the soldiers is a wonderful way to encourage your own kids to do more for their community.
Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot by Margot Theis Raven
The kids absolutely love this book about one pilot and his mission to bring some joy to children in a really sad, scary situation.

America’s White Table by Margot Their Raven
This book had me choking back some tears {I am very emotional though so maybe it’s not a normal reaction to reading this book?}. Such a great way to introduce the idea of MIA and POW to your children and the incredible symbolism the white table stands for. We will be creating our own white table at the cabin this weekend for Memorial Day.

The Wall by Eve Bunting
We are reading this tomorrow so I don’t have a personal tidbit to share with it yet. Learn about the Vietnam Memorial Wall along with what it stands for and why people go to look at the wall.

Rolling Thunder by Kate Messner
I’m sure this book will be fantastic – we love Kate Messner stories. This leads to great discussions on how to honor Veteran’s in your area and talks about political movements. I can’t wait to read it.

All proceeds for the Memorial Day Book Guide from Beautiful Feet Books goes to Wounded Warrior Family Support. Bonus – it’s super affordable!

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