Menu Plan Monday

Ahhh, another week of cooking.  I’m not actually excited about this…..

I’ve been craving sugary cereals lately, and so I bought some Lucky Charms.  Whatever I eat, little Maggie wants some of, so I gave her some.  Shocker, but she learned to eat the marshmallows out of it, and then want more.  Hehe.  I wish I could entice myself to cook something besides cereal for breakfast, but we both love cereal!  When dad is home though, she eats a lot of eggs with him.

For lunch, we have leftovers most of the time.

Our dinner menu for the week:
Cheesy potatoes and ham – I think this qualifies as a pregnancy craving, because this is the 3rd time I have made this in the last month and a half.

Salsa mac and cheese – super easy and fast and yummy.

Spaghetti and green beans

Homemade potato soup with cheese and bacon

Grilled ham and cheese and tomato soup

Tator tot hotdish with bacon and cheese

What are you having for dinner?  I would love to hear your ideas, we need something new.  I struggle with this however because I don’t like chicken.


  • I sure can. One skillet meal
    Ingredients: Family size box of mac and cheese
    1 lb hamburger
    1 jar chunky salsa – we use mild
    2 cups corn

    Brown hamburger, drain. Add 1 jar salsa and then fill the jar with water (I’m lazy, I don’t like to measure and I know this is pretty close to how much you need). Add macaroni noodles, not cheese packet yet. Bring to a boil. Then cover, simmer for 10 minutes, stirring twice. Add cheese packet and corn. Cook 2 minutes. Can add shredded cheese if you want. Easy clean up. I always check a few noodles before serving because sometimes I don’t get the heat quite right and they are still a little hard. Enjoy!

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