My love affair with babywearing continues

With summer, comes heat!  I am not complaining, I promise, but when wearing a 22 pounder, I tend to get a little sweaty and gross feeling.  I needed another option to get me through the summer.  I stumbled across Lillebaby one day and they agreed to send me a complimentary carrier to review!  I really love the brown carrier, but decided to go with the COMPLETE Airflow carrier in grey and silver.


If you are wondering what makes the Airflow different, let me explain.  The carrier is made from 3D mesh that is breathable to allow for airflow and a more comfortable babywearing experience.  Anything to make the kids and I more comfortable when wearing one of them when it is almost 90 out is a win in my book.


Let’s face it, baby carriers can get expensive, so finding just one that works and will last is incredibly important.  One thing you may be looking for is a carrier that fits from birth through the toddler years.  The Lillebaby COMPLETE Airflow carrier fits from 7 lbs up to 45 lbs.  Plus, you can use it in a variety of positions – all ergonomically.  Front, hip, back, fetal position, frog leg position, and even facing out.


One feature that I find extremely nice to have is the Flexible Leg Position Seat which is what allows baby to sit ergonomically and most importantly comfortable and safe no matter what position they are using.  This is also what allows the carrier to work so well for itty bitty 7 pounders.  To use the smaller seat, simply take the waist band out of the loops of fabric, bring those “loops” together on the inside of the carrier and snap them together.  Fast and easy!  This makes switching between a small infant and a toddler much easier because you don’t have to rethread anything.  It takes only seconds.  When using the Lillebaby with newborns or young infants, there is also a “seatbelt” if you want to call it that.  A strap on the inside of the carrier that buckles around the baby to keep him extra secure.

Lillebaby Flexible Seat, Our PIece of Earth, Baby Carrier LIllebaby, Our Piece of Earth, Newborn Seat

The adjustable height on the torso of the carrier is awesome!  When baby is  forward facing, snap down for the shorter torso option.  When baby is a little bigger simply unsnap it and clip it to the straps for added support.  You are still able to use the removable hood in this snapped down position.  When open to the highest position, there are elastic buckles that provide for more support, yet still allow for movement so Charlie is able to look all around and see what he wants to see, but when he gets tired, he is still supported. Plus, having a high back on a carrier when using a back carry is very important to me, both for my Charlie or Maggie’s safety and for my piece of mind.

Lillebaby, Head Support, Adjustable Torso, Our Piece of Earth

Lillebaby, Our Piece of Earth,

The removable hood has an adjustable height, as well as having 3 different snap options to allow you and baby to get the most comfortable fit.  There are thin elastic cords on the edges of the hood for added comfort.  Because this carrier is designed for the heat, I find the hood a necessity.  Whether protecting the kids from the sun, the wind, or just helping support their head once they fall asleep, the hood gets used a lot.  Plus, if you are wearing baby on your front, it provides extra protection when breastfeeding in the carrier.  Something I have found extremely important.  I like to do things, and that doesn’t stop Charlie from needing to nurse.  Breastfeeding in the carrier is easy but may take some getting use to.  Just loosen the side straps so baby sits a bit lower.  Check out the pictures.  You would have no idea what he is doing if I didn’t tell you.

Lillebaby, Our Piece of Earth, Removable Privacy Hood,

Lillebaby, Breastfeeding in baby carrier, Our Piece of Earth

The chest strap adjusts by sliding it along straps on either side of the carrier.  I really love the breathable mesh lined pad that the buckle for the chest strap rests on.  Not only is it comfortable to not have the buckle right against your skin, but when trying to find the clips on your back when using a front carry, it makes it easier to find.  Easy is good!  All of the straps have elastic bands to roll up the extra strap so you don’t have straps dangling everywhere.  There are also elastic bands to hold the buckles in place.


There is a toy hook on both sides of the carrier that you can clip your keys to, pacifiers, toys, whatever you may want to clip on them.

Our Piece of Earth, Lillebaby

Now – for some of the extra comfort features of the Lillebaby Airflow.  All of the straps and buckles are designed with comfort in mind.  The ergonomic shoulder pads are 3 inches wide with one inch thick premium foam.  That may sound hot, but it’s not.  The breathable mesh fabric is against you and allows constant airflow.  The waist band is nice and wideat 5.5″ wide with 1/4 inch of high performance foam, again with breathable mesh against the wearers body.

Lillebaby, Our Piece of Earth,

The padded side straps help protect baby as well.  And, the Lillebaby Airflow offers a unique lumbar support to offer more lower back support or just to help prevent the straps from sliding with movement and possibly rubbing into the wearers waist.  I haven’t used it when carrying Charlie in the carrier and haven’t noticed any of the rubbing badly into my waist.


There is a lumbar support pad included that you can strap through the waistband of the carrier for addition lumbar support.


The carrier has extra long straps to fit adults from 5 ‘ up to 6’6″.  *This may vary depending on body type and weight.* The waist band expands up to 51.2″.   I have had plenty of people use this carrier and it has fit all of their different body types comfortably.


I have used this carrier with a newborn, with Charlie as an older infant, and with Maggie as a toddler.  We have only used the newborn seat option, the front carry facing in, and the back carry.  A good friend of mine has used this carrier with her little girl and really wants one for herself to get her though the hot summer out here.  Our Lillebaby is getting quite the workout this summer!

Lillebaby, Our Piece of Earth

If you are looking for a versatile, long lasting baby carrier that will make babywearing possible during the summer months as well as the winter, check out Lillebaby.  If you are like me and think of babywearing as another fashion accessory and want to have them all but not go broke, you will want to check out the slipcovers from Lillebaby.  Aside from the Airflow, you can get the Original Lillebaby, and the Organic Lillebaby.  Transform your carrier!  You can also get foot stirrups, and organic teething pads {I still need to get these}.

Front Carry

Back Carry

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