My Pregnancy Journal Week 26

My Pregnancy Journal Week 26

This has been the longest week ever!!!!  I’m still trying to figure out how I made it through.  Strong mommy genes I guess!.  

 Ha!  I can see my toes in this picture….it’s entertaining to watch me dry my feet after I shower!  

About my baby this week:

Baby now weighs 2 full pounds and measures in at 9 plus inches long.  Seriously, this baby feels like it’s an octopus!  How can it only be around 9 inches long?  Another momentous development this week:  Baby’s eyes are beginning to open.  The eyelids have been fused for the past few months so the retina could develop.  The colored part of the eye still doesn’t have much pigmentation, so it’s too early to start guessing baby’s eye color.  Still, baby is now able to see – though there’s not much to see in the dark confines of his or her uterine home.  But with the heightened sense of sight and hearing that baby now possesses, you may notice an increase in activity when your baby sees a bright light or hears a loud noise.  In fact, if a loud vibrating noise is brought close to your belly, baby will respond by blinking and startling.

What my peanut looks like:  

 Now, onto how I have been feeling.

Symptoms:  Heartburn tonight, very bad, but I figured that was coming tonight.  Exhaustion, although I’m not sure this is due so much in part to the pregnancy as to the fact I’ve had a very sick little girl and two extra kids here this week.  Backaches like crazy.  Extreme dizziness if I have to bend over and pick things up repeatedly.  I get winded easily.  My pelvis and thighs get very sore, especially at night.  I have a great pillow to use, but when Maggie is in bed with me, I can’t sleep with the pillow too. 

Cravings and Aversions:  None really, I have been happy to just have time to eat this week!

Weight gain:  Not sure, too lazy to step on the scale as I write this.  I know the doctor was happy I gained weight finally, but after the week I had, I may very well have lost it again 🙁

Other stuff:  This baby is very busy!  I’m talking nonstop movement all day long for a few days, then a pretty restful day, then go go go!  I’m wondering if baby is feeling crowded, Maggie has been sick and laying on me all week and squishing the belly.  The other day, baby turned to face out again, and was kicking and punching up a storm.  I told John so he could feel it, but every single time he tried, the baby would completely stop.  It was kind of funny to me.  

When I took Maggie to her doctor appointment, one of the nurses who is a friend of mine was asking about the pregnancy.  How far along, yada yada.  Then she says, Are you sure you are only having one?  Gee, thanks!  Actually, since I had 4 ultrasounds, I’m fairly certain there is just one baby in there.  Hehehe.  Made me laugh!  

I was concerned, not only was Maggie exposed to strep throat, turns out that she may have also been exposed to 5ths disease which can be very bad for pregnant women.  Not much I can do about it and we are in the second half of the pregnancy, so the risks go down a bit.  What a week!  

I am very excited though, one more week and I am in the third trimester!  I absolutely love being pregnant, but I can’t wait to meet this little person moving up a storm in my belly.  I officially have an outie belly button now 🙂

This baby definitely moves much more than Maggie did when I was pregnant with her.  It seems like a new experience for me.  


  • Ah that’s sweet. I miss being pregnant. With my 2nd I was worried that she wasn’t moving enough. Doctor assured me that I was too busy chasing my toddler to notice as much.

    • I have heard that about the second baby, but with this one, I am definitely aware of the movements all day long! Quite often, I think the baby is trying to kick Maggie off my belly.

  • My second baby was the same way, just go-go-go all day long! I always say if I’d had her first and then my son, I’d have been worried sick about him, he didn’t move anywhere near as much as she did. People told me it was just because I didn’t know what a baby moving felt like the first time. Um, I’m pretty sure I knew what it was after the first time I felt it lol. He was just a lot calmer in utero than she was, and that’s actually held true even 4 years later. She’s a little busy bee & he’s much more calm! =)

    • I know part of the reason I didn’t feel my daughter as much was because my placenta was in front. They were surprised at my 20 week ultrasound that I had felt her move at all, but still she didn’t move the same way this baby is. I’m so excited to meet this person and know if it’s a boy or girl. I’m convinced it’s a boy because it’s been so different, but who knows.

      I agree though, you know what the baby feels like once you have felt it the first time. My daughter however, is a very busy little rugrat, even though she was more mellow in the belly. You are right though, if I had them the other way around, I would have been worried sick about her all the time. Today in fact, I was worried a little because this little one has been pretty mellow all day long. That’s changing now though 🙂

  • With my second one I felt him move a lot! I think I first felt him at 13 or 14 weeks. I thought I was imagining things. I am hoping the heartburn doesn’t last to long for you. With my first I had it so horribly, but my last one I had barely any.
    We didn’t find out with either of my pregnancies though. I love the surprise!

    • I love the surprise too! That moment the first time around waiting for John to tell me what we had was so incredible….he sat stunned for about a full minute with me waiting on an answer because he was so sure we were having a boy he was looking for the parts, haha!

      I felt the slightest tinge of something that I’m pretty sure was the baby this time around week 11, and my doc said probably because the pregnancies were pretty close together.

  • I miss being pregnant! With my first I was sick the entire pregnancy (and still enjoyed it), but labor didn’t go as smooth as it should have. my second pregnancy was wonderful (straight through) and I had a natural birth with him (had him less than 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital). I was on a high for days. Being a mommy is one of the greatest gifts a woman can have 🙂

    • My first was so good, I’m scared for the delivery this time. I remember that high for days bit. They kept asking if I wanted ice and pain relievers and I kept asking what for. Once the high wore off and I was home…..I found out!

  • I love the way you’re blogging your pregnancy!
    I’m already 22 weeks and am now wishing I blogged it more.
    With having an almost 2 year old I’m afraid I’m going to forget a lot of this pregnancy quickly. Keep up the awesome blogging mommy skills 🙂

    • It’s nice to keep track. I journal it too, but not every week. I wish I had done this with my first pregnancy, I took lots of pictures but can’t tell how far along I was in some of them.

      Thanks 🙂

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