My someday yard


*Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post written by me and all thoughts and opinions are mine.*


We have lived here for 3 1/2 years now and I have a confession:  We have done virtually nothing with our yard. Over 4 1/2 acres and we haven’t done anything more than mow.  It’s ridiculous.  I have plans – big plans – you can check out my Pinterest board of ideas.


We love entertaining at our house, but our yard sucks!  There really isn’t a better way to put it.  It’s full of those stickers, sand burrs, whatever you want to call them.  No joke – I spent hours outside each day hand picking them from the ground  It made a difference, but only on a very small fraction.


I guess we have done a few things…mainly keep fixing the holes our lovely dogs dig, or smash down the gopher mounds.  We have bonfires as often as we can, and I would love to make these log stools with colored glow in the dark seats.  How perfect are these.  You don’t have to keep hauling them back and forth from the house like you do chairs.  Plus, they are way more colorful!

Glow in the dark log stools
Image courtesy of and

We are big fans of Craigslist free and have found some great stuff to use around our yard {we really do have big plans}.  Just last month, John picked up about 30 railroad ties.  Some of them will be for my garden next spring, but the rest will be used for something like this pea gravel path with railroad ties.  Only, take out pretty pictured plants and insert very hardy, hard to kill plants.  I’m talking something that can stand up to the full day of sunshine and my dogs peeing on them and still grow.  I’m taking suggestions now!  To make it look even more amazing, I want to add some subtle landscape lighting throughout the path.  I want something that just lights up the ground a bit as you are walking, something simple and inviting.  I like to pretend we would go on moonlit walks on the path, but the truth is, I’m a bit afraid to be outside at night – coyotes come through our yard on a fairly regular basis.  Not to mention, it would be way safer for the kids to walk out to the fire if the path was lit up a bit.

My someday yard
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Also in our ten year plan is a pool.  A nice, big, in ground pool that is well lit and perfect for cooling off in the summer, yet still makes a great hangout spot for our guests.

Landscape poll
image courtesy of Lawn Connections

Who is ready for a dip in the pool?  Any takers?


So there are a few of the plans we have for our yard.  Are you doing landscape work on your yard?  I’d love to see your pictures.  


A big thanks to Lawn Connections in Keller, TX for sponsoring this post so I could share my dreams for our yard with you.




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