My thoughts on preschool

It seems to me that John and I are on opposite sides of just about everything these days. Today while we were eating lunch we were talking about how Maggie is almost 3 already {eek, what?! Clearly we had to have miscounted, she can’t be that old already, can she?} Then John started talking about signing her up for preschool, which is something I hadn’t even considered doing.

The other day I was reading a checklist of things they should be doing before kindergarten and she was already doing quite a few things on that list.  Maybe I’m crazy, but I just don’t get the reasons we should be sending her to preschool.  She is very sociable and listens well most days.  I don’t have anything against preschool, just don’t feel it is necessary for Maggie.  She will already be starting school a year later than all of her little buddies because her birthday is in October.  Maybe I’m biased because I don’t anybody in our family that went to preschool.  It hasn’t affected anybody, and I don’t think it would be a big deal if we didn’t send Maggie.

I would really love to homeschool anyways, but not sure if I will win that battle.  John is worried they will be unsocialized and not able to play sports and have friends.  That’s a conversation for another day….when I have more info.

 What are your thoughts on preschool? On homeschool?  I’m curious how people feel about preschool and homeschool so please share with me.  

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