My week of vacation…..or not….

My week of vacation…..or not….

This week, I am lucky enough to have 2 awesome kids staying at my house that aren’t mine. I am not being sarcastic either. I used to live 10 minutes from my sister and her kids got to stay with me a lot. Now I live 45 minutes away, so sick days and single days off of school aren’t quite as convenient. But still, when they have a few days or spring break or whatever, the kids have the option to come stay with Auntie or go to A + at school. I bet you can guess what they choose….ME!!!!! Why wouldn’t they, not only am I awesome (hahaha) but I have a fun little toddler and two dogs. Plus, not nearly as many rules. This week is spring break. Now, the biggest problem we face, is that we only have 2 bedrooms. Since my daughter is possibly the worlds worst sleeper, okay, not the worst, but definitely not the best, I have moved her into my bedroom for the week. This is messing with naps especially! We have room darkening curtains in her room which have seemed to improve nap time so much, but we don’t have these in my room. This means moving the rocking chair back and forth between the rooms because I still rock my 17 month old to sleep, or at least mostly to sleep. The other trouble is that my 5 year old niece doesn’t want to listen to me when I say it’s time to settle down because it’s almost time for Maggie to go to bed. So instead of quieting down, she throws the ball for the dog. So now instead of 10 minutes to get Maggie to sleep, it takes an hour……not liking this at all. It is seriously cutting into my me time…and I only get this at night as it is. Nap time usually involves waking up numerous times. On the plus side, my 10 year old nephew loves to cook and has been cooking all of our meals so far. Now…to get him to clean the kitchen when he is done. This is a huge help though, I hate cooking! Oh well, come back next week and hear all about our adventures!


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