Nature Scavenger Hunt + More Nature Activities

It’s spring you guys!!!!  That means we get to spend all day outside without the bugs, it’s wonderful.  In all seriousness, we’ve had so much fun because the weather has been {mostly} pretty nice.  The kids have learned to ride their bikes on two wheels and spent many days riding from the second they got up until they went to bed.  The newness of it is wearing off though and they are ready for more fun.  That’s where the nature scavenger hunt comes into play.  My favorite part of where we live is that we are practically on a wildlife refuge, how awesome is that?!  There are so many experiences almost in our backyard {plus tons of things they love to do that are actually in our backyard}.

Kick up your nature walk with this fun nature scavenger hunt where the kids get to decide what fits each category

There are so many more things I could add to the nature scavenger hunt but I don’t want to be walking forever.  The things I did include give them room to explore and decide for themselves what works for each item on the list.  My favorite thing we’ve found on our walks through the wildlife refuge has been a badger skull.  We found this badger skull on a nature walk.


We love to take our learning time outdoors.  With three young creative minds to help shape, we make the most of our time outside with some nature art ideas.  We love making homemade bird feeders to invite the birds into our space.  Make the most of your outdoor time with nature art ideas.

Click the links below to be taken to the pins for these activities.

Make paintbrushes from nature finds


Make Mud Paint


Pound out the color


Leaf Rubbings


Paint shadows and watch them change


Find shades of green


Make names or pictures out of things you find in nature


Make a nature inspired sensory bin

I’ll also add in that creating a nature journal is so much fun and a great way for the KIDS to record what they are learning about.


Nature and plants books


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I confess, one of my favorite things to do outside is read.  Turns out that I’m raising a little lady who feels the same way.  While she will ride her bike, climb a tree, build a fort and do just about anything else outside, she also loves to read.  Almost every day she’ll ask to take some books outside with her to read.  {I’m working on building a comfortable reading area for her outside}.  What better to read outside when you are playing in nature than books about nature and plants.  While I’d love to link to each individual book, it would end up being very lengthy.  These two graphics cover most of them.  Usborne Plants and Gardening books Usborne books about the outdoors.


Nature is one of our favorite ways to learn and we are having so much fun while it happens.  What are your favorite nature activities?



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