Who needs pants? {Stuffin’ Fluff review}

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I have a confession….I don’t dress my kids a lot of the time.  If we aren’t going anywhere, I see no reason to cover up Charlie’s cute little fluffy butt.  As luck would have it, one of my favorite things about fitted cloth diapers is how darn cute they are.  You can mix and match them with your outfits – or, better get, get a matching shirt.  That’s just what we did when Jill from Stuffin’ Fluff sent us our review diaper with a matching shirt!!

Stuffin' Fluff fitted cloth diaper review

Stuffin’ Fluff diapers are made with a cotton interlock outer {hello cute prints}, a blizzard fleece hidden layer, and a cotton velour inner.  The diaper features a fold down rise {FDR} with 12 snaps on the outside, and folded down, 11 snaps {this part makes the OCD Shannon a little crazy, I like my diapers snapped the same on each side so I can’t use the center one – silly, I know}.  Each wing of the diaper has 3 snaps.  There are also 2 crossover snaps on one wing to ensure a snug fit on those littlest of babies.  The snaps are the perfect accent color to add a little more color to your diaper.

Stuffin' Fluff fitted cloth diaper Stuffin' Fluff Fitted Cloth Diaper

Stuffin' Fluff fitted cloth diaper crossover snapsThe diaper will fit approximately 10-35 pounds.  When using the fold down rise, it will fit until approximately 20 pounds.

Stuffin' Fluff fitted cloth diaperStuffin' Fluff fitted cloth diaper fold down riseStuffin' Fluff fitted cloth diaper shell features

The soaker is made up of 2 soakers sewn together at one end.  I really like that it is actually sewn together at the end, instead of in a little more.  This speeds up drying time because the entire soaker can be opened up to dry.  The soaker is made from a hemp/organic cotton blend, and organic bamboo French terry, topped with cotton velour, for a total of 7 layers of fabric in the soaker.  The stitching on both the soaker and the diaper is done in an accent color to match the diaper.

Stuffin' Fluff fitted cloth diaper insert

The elastic on the back and legs of this diaper is fantastic.  There is a lot of stretch {hello chunky babies} and it is so gentle on babies skin.  You will not find red marks from this diaper.

Stuffin Fluff CollageStuffin' Fluff fitted cloth diaper

The monkey pattern is just perfect for Charlie man, because, well, that’s what he is – a monkey!  Doesn’t he look like a little stud in his Stuffin’ Fluff matching diaper and shirt?

Stuffin Fluff fitted cloth diaper

Want to get your hands…well, okay, your baby’s bum on one of these diapers, and perhaps a matching shirt to go with it?  Check out Stuffin’ Fluff on Facebook for a huge selection of materials to choose from.  See the latest stocking over at Hyena Cart.


Plus, right now, as part of the Falling Into Fitted Diapers grand prize, you can enter to win one of your own Stuffin’ Fluff diaper.


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  • We just ordered our first fitted (hybrid), looking forward to putting it to use. It’s a custom, and a beauty. I don’t tend to cover up the fluff either if we are lounging around the house, just slip on a pair of leg warmers if necessary and off she goes 🙂

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