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I am one of those people who gets great joy out of sitting down and filling in the planner. Last year I spent hours scouring the internet for the planner that actually had everything that I needed and wanted. When I was sent a copy of the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year from The Old Schoolhouse®  for review.  I was excited to check it out!Looking for a new homeschool planner? The Hey, Mama! Schoolhouse Planner is more than just your average homeschool planner.

When you open the first page, you can quickly see that this is more than just your average planner. The table of contents shows you the amazing information included in here. You can keep your child’s high school transcript in the planner but also find a page with information on creating an academic transcript. Some more of the extra pages in here are to keep track of skills learned, courses taken, and a calendar for the next few years to look ahead. Before each month is a devotional written by Gena Suarez, author of the planner. These devotionals are meant to inspire and motivate you through the word of God as you plan your days out.

Next you will come to the monthly planner pages. I love how large the pages are with plenty of space to write our life into.  Each monthly space also has a full page for notes for the month. I use this to write in games I want to play with the kids, books I want to read this month or field trips we plan to take this month. There is also a space on the side for notes for the month right on the calendar page.

There are also weekly planning pages that are laid out to plan for five children. There are seven rows for planning by subject and plenty of space to write in each of them. I love being able to lay it out by exactly what it is that they will be working on that week with all three of my kids on one page. There are also devotionals throughout this section as well as a few blank notes pages.

The back of the planner has a section laid out by child for up to five children. Each child’s section contains a page for notes. The next is curriculum planning where you can write the subject, curriculum, vendor, grade level, price and contact for each subject. There is also an attendance section – we don’t use this because we don’t have to track it and we just do a few days a week year round, but I know this would be really helpful in states that require it. There is also a page to track books that the child has read that year.

Now – onto my favorite part – the next few pages are goals for each child. The goals are broken down into yearly goals, then into first and second semester goals. My kids are young but even from the start, we discussed together the types of things they wanted to learn about, skills they wanted to learn and all sorts of other things. This came at a great time because over the next month or two, I will sit down with each of the kids to discuss their goals for the next year. They also love what comes next – we talk about rewards for reaching our goals. Some are ice cream or an extra date with me, sometimes it’s a trip to a park or a rock store or whatever else they love. They get to help choose the goals and the rewards and they love that part of it. Plus, I get a peek into what they really want to learn about. There is also another blank page for notes or extra information.

I’m excited to finish filling in this planner once we have the activities for the next year all planned out. Don’t just take my word for it though – go check out what some of the other homeschool moms are saying about this planner by clicking the image below.  Don’t wait long though – over 98% of the planners printed have sold out and they don’t plan to print more for this year.

Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year {The Old Schoolhouse® Reviews}
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