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I had an eye appointment shortly after my daughter was born.  The original plan was for Grandma to meet us at Walmart while I had my appointment and she could shop with baby.  Something came up, and she had to be home during that time.  I was so scared.  Maggie was only about a month old and now I had to leave her for an hour.  I nursed her before I left, left a few ounces that I pumped, and hoped for the best.  What a terrifying experience for me.  I know she was in good hands, but that didn’t ease my mind at all.  After that, I didn’t leave her for even a few minutes again until she was 6 months old.

Softball started and Grandma and Grandpa were going to watch her for an hour while I played ball.  They only live a block from the softball field which helped a lot.  I could nurse her and not have to leave a bottle with them.   She was also old enough to eat some table foods which was good.  It would take me almost a week to pump enough milk to leave with her for an hour or so.  They also came up to watch us play a lot, and there were times I would nurse her in between innings because that’s what she thought of when she saw me – she is still like that now!

Now she is 16 months old, and I hate leaving her just as much!  I know she’s in good hands, but they aren’t mine and how can anybody possibly take care of her right besides me!  Do any of you feel that way?  Daddy and I have actually gone out on a date 3 times in the last month now for a few hours.  She is still nursing, but I’m 22 weeks pregnant, so she isn’t really getting anything, just the snuggle time.  She’s learning to go to sleep without me and when she wakes up, she screams until she finds her sippy cup.  When this baby gets here, I will supposedly start playing softball 2 months later.  Not sure if I can leave the baby, grandma and grandpa retired and are moving.

Timing is definitely key, but my daughter never nursed on a schedule, so timing a trip without her was pretty much impossible.  I always nursed her immediately before I left her, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to want to nurse again in a half hour.

I know the first time I went out without her, I was confused.  I sat there thinking…what am I supposed to do now?  I need my baby in my arms!  To all of the mommies:  Do whatever feels right for you!  You really do know best, and it is hard to leave them, but you can do it!


  • Great post! I agree, it’s all about finding what feels right to mama and baby. We are all so different. I totally know that feeling of being out without baby and feeling like something (someone) is missing! Hard to be apart from those precious little ones. That’s why I loved being pregnant so much – she was always with me no matter what!

  • I thought I had replied to this, but apparently it didn’t post. Sorry! I agree, I love being pregnant because of that too (and lots of other reasons). Nobody tries to get you to leave the baby with them when it’s in your belly like they do when they are older.

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